>> Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I want to die already I am virtually stabbing myself till I bleed to death (and till I revive) I am given a freaking week to respond and what did I do I did nothing I did absolutely NOTHING and today's the deadline and still I did not freaking respond to the e-mail as soon as I read it and I did not ask my questions one-off to the operator who have heard my voice for two times in a day so now what huh you &&^%$#&*^(*&)(* now your parents gotta fork out a freaking S$200 and do take note that I am not someone who can or even able to throw money around I work my ass off to earn a meagre salary to sustain my greed and satisfaction okay where was I oh yes S$200 ARRGHHH YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TIGHT MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED NOW I NEED A DOCTOR TO UNCROSS 'EM BY THE END OF JUNE.

* S$200 is the advance fee for accommodation in NUS.


Today after work I went for a drive

>> Friday, 11 June 2010

I took the turn towards 1U via Centrepoint, and instead of heading straight towards TTDI library which was my half-aim I took the left turn to Kota Damansara.

And instead of turning right to Kota Damansara I went towards Sungai Buloh along SEGi College.

Halfway down the road I took a turn to the nearest Petronas station to pump in RM20 of petrol - and failed to buy RM5 prepaid cuz they don't have it :(

Next instead of going to Sungai Buloh and go back home I remembered that scary little road with hairpin turns and the lagi scarier tiny tunnel I decided NOT to take the U-turn.

Mana tau I ended up in some unknown highway and took a ticket wtf.

And I was so scared when I saw the signboards which were in green going to Kuantan, Seremban etc. I figured I must be going south

Imagine how relieved I am when I saw Damansara and Petaling sign. I literally sighed "phew" aloud. I don't remember what Fly FM (or was it Red FM?) was playing.

After I paid the RM1 toll (RM1 per life lesson) I found myself at the exact highway I take everyday to and from work wtf -__________-;;


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