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>> Sunday, 23 May 2010

As I'm typing this sentence the clock on the taskbar is showing 12:11pm.

It is cold in here. I hear many people talking. A lady was talking on her cellphone in Tamil/Hindu. I am waiting for more calls to come in. Or rather, I am waiting for 1pm cuz that's when my shift ends :) I have two interconnecting monitor in front of me, of which I am only staring at one.

I am hungry. I went to the pantry to see if there are snacks but there is none so I remain hungry :( Just last night I am beating myself up for scoffing too much raisins after a yummy dinner (apparently the rest of my family doesn't think so) outside. I screamed for my newest vital stats, of which I start screaming inward, pulling off my virtual inward hair, wearing a horrible horrible face as if Doomsday is here. Because it is here.

*refrain from body talk

Despite all the screaming and pulling-off-my-hair I still love food. I crave for Ikea's ginger-glazed salmon with potato salad which they are serving from 21 May to 4 July during their Swedish month which is only RM16.90 inclusive of 5% GST. Ilovesalmon Ilovesalmon Ilovesalmon.

I am spying on Kinder Bueno because I've never tried Kinder Bueno.

After NUS welcome tea yesterday at Concorde Hotel, of which I have the pleasure to meet MUET Band 6 holder P-something (Sorry I forgot your name! But we will become coursemate so I will know more than just your name *fingers cross), I want to try Famous Amos cookies because the hazelnut (I think) cookies with chocolate chip they served during the Tea is wonderful and the thickness of Lipton tea is perfect.

Right now as I am waiting for calls / arrival of 1pm in 38 minutes I am blogging, surveying cameras (compact with DSLR features and quality; budget < RM1.6k. Considering: Panasonic Lumix LX-3, Canon Powershot S90. Please advise), learning about aperture. I like Lady Antebellum and Cheer Chen!

I just received two calls, of which one was short and had nothing to do with me was transferred to the other department. I just received an SMS from Lethal May saying that the trip to The Curve next Wednesday is changed to Sunway Pyramid.
6 more minutes to go. My fingers are freezing. Microsoft Outlook is a bxtch as it hangs on me and I can't send an e-mail to the relevant department to announce the state of the computer which caused me to be late (even though I reached just in time). Another SMS just came in.

After my shift I will be going to my favourite library, situated near 1U in TTDI, a branch of KL library, to return all my books. I've finished Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (wonderful book) and The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan (magnificent). I attempted Winston Groom's Forrest Gump but I fell asleep in Chapter 3.

Ok my shift ends now. I work in 1 Tech Park, company Datacom. Bye bye :)

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Jeen 27/05/2010, 15:47  

Love Kinder bueno a lot! but it's quite costly. love the nutty taste!

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