29th & 30th April 2010 @ Genting Highlands

>> Monday, 3 May 2010

To Live Without It, The Spill Canvas

Since 9.30am I plopped myself in front of the computer waiting for the release of Munsyi results so slow so slow sooooooo sloooooooooow.

A bunch of us went to visit Uncle Lim last month. For me, it was the 2nd time of the month and the year.

It's so strange the things Science students get so excited about!
The first day we were up there we went for Karaoke cuz dinner would be cheaper lol. And it was one heck of a singing sesh, even though it was only 2+1 hour!

And while we were waiting for our turn to play bowling we saw this guy wearing leopard-print cropped jacket, black fitting shirt and dark blue skinny jeans, plus huge black-frame glasses and spiky hair and OMG so gay. Another guy from that group - big size, yellow shirt - is gay too. Honestly, they were very nice to watch at.

The next morning, after ML, YC and I shared two pots of yucky porridge we split: them to the Outdoor Theme Park while YC and I hung around Indoor.

We window shopped. I found Purple Cane! And they charged RM2 for every big cup of green tea. That must be the reason they earn more than We watched Ip Man 2, then had tea/lunch at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because both of us have this dream of having a leisurely (and classy) afternoon tea in a coffee house; and what better place to splurge at but Genting Highlands, where everywhere is just as expensive?

My Hazelnut Ice-Blended; YC's Double Chocolate; and Red Velvet Cake
YC and I then proceeded to Haunted House Adventure to scare our pants off (which actually wasn't as scary as I'd imagined).

And then we did really tourist-y stuff to pass time -.-;; Tourist-y stuff like:

I knoooow wtf -.-;;

After this trip I am inspired to complete a few things:
  1. Update the wardrobe and learn make-up and enter the casino before I turn 21 wtf.
  2. Get a bf to teman me into the Haunted House lol.
  3. Detox after all the junk I stuffed into my stomach -.-;;
It was a great, great trip. Perhaps I won't remember the tiny details in the future, like ML buttoning and unbuttoning her shirt buttons;

or KJ imitating the Kit Kat advertisement;

or CP and U-Phun's attempt to prevent the crew at the Karaoke to chase us out

but I know I'll remember the fun and innocence that accompany this less-than-48 hours.

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