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Reading: The Kitchen God's Wife, Amy Tan / The Reader, Bernhard Schlink

Ok... I was here to check my mail and Facebook and suddenly I'm everywhere. Hahaha.

Answer to Yen's question "Eh zee have you changed your job recently?" I have far too many friends who have 'Yen' in their names, and I can't pinpoint your name from the tone you use / the way you type, hence I don't know in what tone I should use to answer your question and hence I think it would be fair for me to answer here in a post in a neutral and perhaps sarcastic and playful tone.

When you first enter the building, you can see the cafeteria at your left. As you approach the elevator there are free newspapers - The Oriental Daily or The Malay Mail, your preference. You hit the '3' button when you enter the elevator.

You enter two heavy glass doors, of which you require an electronic card. At the pantry, there are free flow of Milo, Nescafe, Nestum, sugar, and whatnots. There is a huge tin of Marie biscuits. There are roughly 10 tables and 10 pairs of chairs for each table. There are many, many, many bottles of water. It is Fruits Day every Monday and Wednesday!

I sit in front of the PC for the whole duration of my work, rising up from my spinning chair just to go to the washroom, or to stretch, or when there are no calls. It is cold, the place I work. I pick up calls through the PC, and I rush to type everything the caller and I said into the system. My Mandarin has deteriorated like going down the slides *whee and that fact still amazes me. And with our eyes glued to the computer screen, E-mail is thus the main way of communication here - at least for "long-distance" communication

But I am only starting my real work next Monday; the previous two weeks was only training. Lol.

Reply to orenji's message:

On Thursday, there were two interviewers for me. When they started the interview in Malay I was "oh shxt" but very quickly they switched to English yay. They were really nice, really friendly, so friendly that I joked with them too. But apart from that, an interview is still an interview; and the more I think about it, the more I think I screwed up @#^&$#*($&#@$%

I don't find Penang har mee nice, maybe because I never liked spicy food. Or maybe because I wasn't concentrating.

I drove a short stretch, of maybe 10% of the distance back home. I drove in the pouring rain, potong-ed kereta, kena hon-ed by a Toyota not my fault I swear, stuck too close to a lorry for a few seconds, and managed a 110km/h for a second oh I am so proud I WANNA DRIVEEEE.

Darling, both of us are pretty out of shape so let's not complain but instead, admire ourselves in the mirror with dresses we know we can never afford unless we become 少奶奶 k?

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