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>> Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hello I'm at work and while talking to a customer he dropped his call.

I read the previous notes the previous agent taken down. Not sure whether my action now adheres to the company's privacy policy but what the heck! It's SO FUNNY.

Reason for short call: Customer called up to check the internet connection problem.
Action: Explain to customer that the line will be release ASAP.
- Customer said his son want to watch cartoon , or else his son will die due to his son will refuse to eat rice and cry until he die.
- Informed customer we will do ASAP.
- Apologize to customer for the problem caused.
Customer noted
Remember that this customer called and dropped his call? He just called back and sounded guilty.

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Jeen 27/05/2010, 15:46  

Haha. Those customers who's calling the hotline are FUNNY most of the time. I used to receive FUNNY and WEIRD calls too while working in NEP Diamond last time.

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