A bottle.

>> Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I have a bottle inside me in which I keep my negative emotions. I would like to say that the capacity of the bottle is rather large.

But these negative emotions are like cotton candy.

Like everything else, they are were minute and compact; but they are filled with air and thus become rather huge. So the bottle gets filled up fairly quickly (do keep in mind that the bottle is L A R G E).

But there will definitely be one cotton candy which is too big to fill the bottle. It squeezes and squeezes into the bottle. And when it succeeds in entering the bottle - it fails. The cap of the bottle shoots up to space, and the cotton candy squirts out like fountain - except less pretty.

What a mess!

And these cotton candies have to be translated into something in order to disappear. It's like magic, but less magical and more real.

Being the owner of the bottle, I am the one who decide in what form these candies should transform into.

I could've chosen gluttony, or movement, or death

I chose words. And I chose to let you know.

Thank you, darlings, for your concern, at least I know I am not alone LOL I know you will be there when I need a listening ear (or a few!), for me to repeat the same thing over and over again like a cacat-ed recorder :)

So now the bottle is empty, and I am fine :)

Yes dear May, I do eat with mutated cockroaches (supervisor said it's due to herbs I think we can believe him cuz he's a food tech grad LOL) while sitting amidst two pots of cooked eggs and rows of raw eggs. I am not crazy!

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