>> Thursday, 25 March 2010

First Unhappiness

I could've slammed the phone whabaaam! but that's not my style.

I could also have replied all sorts of vulgarities (do not underestimate the super pea) but that's not my style either

So all I could do is to curse under my breath and decide not to bother the person.

And I've never been so angry with one person, not even with my family. If I do get angry (what, I get angry?) I forget. Okay so I don't forget everything but I remember to forget. So it never bothers me.

But THIS. OMGWTF I FEEL SO ANNOYED AND INSULTED. If you have that many credits, fine. Spend it your way. Prank call the ambulance or 999, call Win Zee up and pretend to be Jason Mraz, whatever, I don't care. Even if Jason Mraz calls me. (If only he does, sigh.) But seriously to spend that cent and seconds and finger exercise on insulting me?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPLY?!

Thank you YC for listening to (or rather reading) my quizzical rants in caps. You are very smart. My friends are smart :)


Second Unhappiness
I submitted my documents to NUS today via Pos Laju and wtf it cost me RM26.40 that's 5.28 hours of my work and more expensive than other courier services OMG! but wtf EARNING MONEY RIGHT NOW IS NOT MY TOP PRIORITY.

I know I'm Scrooge and everything, but I am NOT money-minded.


Third Unhappiness
When I'm unhappy my teeth gets itchy (unhappiness nerve links to teeth nerve). Hence I look for things to munch on. I found a tin of Jacobs Hi-Iron cream crackers and I am was munching on thousands of calories shit.

Tomorrow I will be blaming myself until I worth nothing. Actually I'm already feeling rather VERY guilty now :(


Fourth Unhappiness
The weather is super hot right now. Mosquitoes are biting me.


Fifth Unhappiness
To think I'll be free of this thing call sales target after that sort of dreaded promotion period. Oh so wrong.

To be reminded everyday feels like this:

Except that I'm not a sponge/polystyrene to absorb and forget the shock; nor am I a stone/invincible plastic that reflects back the arrow.

I hatehatehate sales target.
  1. It's the source of all things FAT (stress leads to unhappiness which leads to eating which leads to FAT)
  2. It the source of all things BRAT and I don't like to be a brat FOR GOD'S SAKE I'M NOT 7-YEARS-OLD.
 It overwhelms me. I feel like I'm underneath so many invisible unknown things that seem weightless to everybody else. Sometimes I think to myself, whether I'm ready to actually accept these 21-SX adult stuff.

And that day we (they) went on lessons on Long Jing green tea. Since I'm not working full-time so it's natural I do not take part. At the end of the lesson since they had 15 minutes more to spare I was given the chance to "perform" the tea art and though I understand that to be appreciated is impossible I am still hurt by how sincere the way they show it (of not appreciating me) :(

I would've rolled my eyes and muttered, "Adults," but I can't. Because I am becoming one too.

Is this the reason that adults are adults, because they are treated this way when they were still young?

Why does everyone transition to adulthood so smoothly like the evolution of caterpillar to butterfly?

Everybody else's growth (death phase = Alzheimer's etc)
My growth

I am waiting for that moment for me to moult.


Sixth Unhappiness

I stare too much at the computer screen, my sight has definitely declined.

I have to wake up at like 7+ tomorrow and it's 1.04am right now I'm still here blogging witnessing the ballooning of my tummy.

If only I can float up to the air when my tummy has ballooned to a certain size. (Please don't make it burst.)

I miss the feel of the wind on my face.

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