>> Monday, 8 March 2010

I just munched on too much raisins, now too much raisins are swimming in the HCl in my stomach.

They bloop!


And meanwhile, as these raisins-fishes bloop,

I am stalking one of my DJ friends, whom I was once very close with.

My classmate who seemed to be the coolest quietest guy in class is in a very awkward relationship LOL! So awkward, your expression spells "wth?"

My junior who again changed girlfriend 3 weeks and few days ago told me (all?) about the love between them both. Ahem PDA!

I spent last night listening to someone else's story and sometwo else's imagination.

38 laa hahaha.


And raisin-fishes population is still growing steadily in HCl. Boom-and-bust population happening soon.


When there are no customers I tend to think. (Amazing what the Super Pea can do, eh?) Often I think of life, people, relationships between people, future, past, present. Often the thoughts come in the form of question marks that fade away just as quickly as it appears.

There are two kinds of smiles: a false one; and a genuine one.

Just like smiles, there are two kinds of trusts: the trust towards a stranger / someone you barely know; and the trust towards someone you know, perhaps even dearly.

I wonder, when you get older, do both the latter becomes more difficult to harbour?


Yes. Overpopulation of raisin-fishes in HCl. This proves Biology Vol. 2 by Lee Ching published by Longman right.

I feel like puking *&%$^%$

Tomorrow I gotta wake up at 7 do my share of chores have breakfast take a quick shower prepare my lunch runnn to the bus stand by 8.15am and here I am at 1.19am blogging away.

I feel so guilty right now cuz the 4/5 full once-alive raisin-fishes in the container are now swimming in the congested HCl in the stomach pouch.


Bloopish pukish.

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