What does CNY 2010 brings?

>> Sunday, 21 February 2010

What is Bruce Lee's favourite drink?


Only a handful of people showed up for U6S bainian trip.

What you've missed:

  1. AngpauS. Duh.
  2. Zohan's mom's amazingly fabulous nyonya kuih! I have to have good relationship with the academic staff in UM in order to enter It's trueeee :)
  3. Zohan's unique spice-d kuih kapit. Seriously. Not trying to foster good relationship with Zohan to get into UM LOL.
  4. Zohan's amazingly geng Erhu and Guzheng performances OMG.
  5. Gossips. Duh.
  6. Wonderful, breathtaking night view of KL OMG. Forget about light pollution.
  7. Make-a-wish up up uuuup to the sky and then down down doooown to the ground. (Oh but we were kind enough to include everyone else.)
On the surface, yes, we are united. We seem to have so many plans for the days ahead, and we are determined to include everyone in it. It is not so much of the patriotic sentiment; instead it's the love and support we harbour for each other unknowingly, and the thought that we are all in this together, that we are one.

But we are never united. Well, maybe a few of the rare times when we had to get together and cooperate (or give face?) but our hearts were never 100% into it. We save some for ourselves, with a depressing thought that this whole thing is only temporary.

Nothing is static. History changes, our story changes as we progress our time line. But don't these non-static things, no matter how small, affect us in one way or another?


And today I met up with Waning and Jo after GodknowshowlongOMG.

What you've missed:
  1. AngpauS. Duh.
  2. Jo's super scary dangerous driving *clutches on handbar*
  3. Gossips. Duh.
  4. Dimsum breakfast, yummm :D
  5. Reminiscence. Ahhhh.
I need to (re)learn how to driveee! To be restricted transportation-wise is such a pathetic thing :/


STPM results out on 25th February OMGABCWTF why so early!


And besides that, I NEED A JOB which is HIGH-PAYING and NOT DULL. :/



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