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>> Monday, 15 February 2010

 Happy CNY and a belated Valentine's day! I am now sitting in front of the computer typing out this blog post, just finished my bowl of tang yuen, listening to my mom and brother watching AFC.

Yes I didn't go to my parents' hometown this year. To be honest I am glad of that decision: I am SICK! I'm recuperating quite well, thank you *sniff cough*


I am now officially jobless due to H1N2.

Life of such promotion job was tough tough tough. Basically my day went like this: Wake up - work - sleep. During work it's opening the stall - count $ - think of what to eat / where to go for lunch - lunch - think of what to eat /where to go for dinner - dinner - anticipate 10pm. While it did seem lifeless and repetitive, it isn't at all.

So what have I learned in this 20+ days?

  1. I met different kinds of people: normal customers, strange customers, unexpected customers, crazy customers, foreigners, Choy San, performers, magician. Not to mention great colleagues from my company itself and those who work in 1U.
  2. I've seen many kinds of things that I might not have the chance to see, have I not worked there:
    TV shoots,

    Rehearsal for 8TV CNY show

    Wanita Hari Ini TV shoot (that's Soo Wincci in orange cheongsam!)

    newspaper photoshoots, promotional video shoots *cough*
    and 1U without electricity XD

    See that it's dark behind the cats!
  3. I had a brief glimpse of the corporate culture, which is so like those we watch on TV dramas: meeting targets, kena marah if target didn't kena (not us part-timers la), competition within the company itself, strange people management courses like wtf.
  4. I find our society intriguing, how human minds actually function. How are people able to spend money like water; why are they actually afraid of pretty promoters like me promoters giving out samples wtf; why do people buy branded stuff when everyone owns one, etc etc.
  6. Gelato tastes like smoother, creamier ice-cream. Quality of Rotiboy bun has dropped :/
  7. I learned about tea, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. I don't like puer noooo.
  8. Perhaps I understand myself a little bit more, perhaps I haven't. And perhaps I've changed a little bit, I don't know yet.
Sales is stressful, so can learning process be, but overall it was fun. I don't think I'm fit for this job for the long-term, but for a short while, why not? ;)


My newest darlings! <3

Intellectual gluttony. I am a happy girl :)

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