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>> Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I could've start today's post like this:

The alarm rang at 7.45am but I was so sleepy I slept back and only woke up at 9.30am. As I cursed I did my daily yoga (that is, after I brushed my teeth). When I came downstairs I followed my detox (?) routine: a humongous mug of warm water, honey and salt and did my share of chores - swept the floor, mopped the floor, tidied the house, and reminded myself to fold the clothes.

Meet Sophie/Sofia. She is my Godmother and rival because she has Howl.

(Post-STPM is boring. I need a waitress job, at least RM5/hour. Preferred location: 1U, The Curve, Ikano. Preferred restaurant: Casual dining hehehe.)

Well it started out like that, and it should continue like this:

I would've gone shopping, or settled my freaking essayS, or gone to the Brewery, or continued tidy the house, or read, or daydreamed.

Mana tau I received an unknown call from some auntie middle-aged lady at 11am. She coerced I mean persuaded me to earn a few bucks. The requirements are as below:
  1. Wear skirt / dress / slacks as the last resort.
  2. Bring yourself. Experience not necessary.
I mean like wtf no training whatsoever; the lady just threw me into the fire spit and expected me to scramble up to the ground by myself.

Never have I been so happy to be aliveeeee. Life is beautiful. Weekends are wonderful. Big thanks to QX for making it bearable :)

p/s Gahness I hate mosquitoes may you extinct.

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