Hello Shopping Mall.

>> Saturday, 23 January 2010

At 9.30am, the shopping mall belongs to the shopping mall. I can feel the quiet, tired vibes it sends out. But it is contented to be this way.

At 9.45am the escalators operate, lights are switched on. And even by then there are already shoppers.

And from then till closing time it is not itself; it belongs to the liveliness and glitter-eyed animals who has money to spare. To be precise, it belongs to Materialism. By then its exterior is covered in gold, but in its hidden core, is it the same thing too?

At closing time the shopping mall shuts its eyes, while on the 4th floor movie-goers continue their upside-down lives.

The shopping mall is alive. I like it when it is itself, when it is able to give a tired but genuine smile.


I think, I'm a good listener. Ok well listener ≠ people who listens and nods and does not give a damn of what you say but yeah, I'm a good listener. Somehow (un-potential) customers have just so much stories to tell; about China and how much oolong / puer / green tea / thermos flasks they have at home and how frequent / infrequent they drink their tea and how much they love / hate oolong / puer / green tea and how tea affects their bodies.

Amazingggg. Why not buy our tea? *smile*

I think I have this face which says "I won't tell anybody". Seriously. Some people have told me that personally, or at least tell me stuff that they won't usually tell people (or at least I perasanly think so).

Must be the pretty face / ears.


Speaking of ears I read A Wild Sheep Chase. As usual, symbolic, metaphorical, metaphysical. Oh but yes, good book.


Speaking of sheeps! I talked to two super cute sheeps who thought I was the sheep for falling for their (very failing) couple trick.

Nice one, YHY. Humour me the next time we meet ;)


It's 12.48am now. I gotta wake up at 7 tomorrow / later today, and stand for >13 hours tomorrow. Oh yay the excitement.

Sales = stress >:( I should consider a tape recorder counselor job.

I look like a terrible skinny (peopleS say so) vegetable with frankfurter lips who's on too much tea.

RM70 is tough money :S


Eh uncle see no beauty.

>> Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Being single is fun; being attached might be fun-er, I can't say for sure. No experience, no talk.

But uncles - definitely not fun.

No not fun at all >:(

It's not so much of a culture shock as I (and many of you) have witnessed Crayon Shin Chan and other characters from old school mangas.



>> Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I have a friend whom, I believe, is godsend to test and thus enhance my patience.

Result #1: I am impatient / kiasu.
Consequence #1: I get angry over petty stuff o_____O
Action to be taken #1: Cut up the jantung and accept it without sulking.

Haha, sour grape talk, but yes, there are lessons to be learnt beneath the sourish exterior.


I sell tea. Come look for me! Let me practice my promotion skills on you. It gives me a chance to achieve perfection (practice makes perfect); a (false) sense of satisfaction; and keeps my spirit up cuz it's hard to keep your spirit up when nobody wants to even take a pamphlet!

I shall be a tea expert and a 1U expert when this is over ;)


Blog-like Tweeeet.

>> Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Blog-like Tweet #1: I pray to The One Upstairs that my melodious voice shall remain with me until Friday evening pleasepleaseplease I don't want to be voiceless! *voice cracks*

Blog-like Tweet #2: I've got to wake up reeeeally early the next morning and I am procrastinating haha faaail.

Think: What do people cherish, and I mean really keep it to the heart and soul, in life?

Having a slightly pessimistic (I hope the person doesn't read this blog / the laptop remains dead) friend induces thinking haha what kind of friend am I.


I need Hacks.

>> Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I could've start today's post like this:

The alarm rang at 7.45am but I was so sleepy I slept back and only woke up at 9.30am. As I cursed I did my daily yoga (that is, after I brushed my teeth). When I came downstairs I followed my detox (?) routine: a humongous mug of warm water, honey and salt and did my share of chores - swept the floor, mopped the floor, tidied the house, and reminded myself to fold the clothes.

Meet Sophie/Sofia. She is my Godmother and rival because she has Howl.

(Post-STPM is boring. I need a waitress job, at least RM5/hour. Preferred location: 1U, The Curve, Ikano. Preferred restaurant: Casual dining hehehe.)

Well it started out like that, and it should continue like this:

I would've gone shopping, or settled my freaking essayS, or gone to the Brewery, or continued tidy the house, or read, or daydreamed.

Mana tau I received an unknown call from some auntie middle-aged lady at 11am. She coerced I mean persuaded me to earn a few bucks. The requirements are as below:
  1. Wear skirt / dress / slacks as the last resort.
  2. Bring yourself. Experience not necessary.
I mean like wtf no training whatsoever; the lady just threw me into the fire spit and expected me to scramble up to the ground by myself.

Never have I been so happy to be aliveeeee. Life is beautiful. Weekends are wonderful. Big thanks to QX for making it bearable :)

p/s Gahness I hate mosquitoes may you extinct.


This is about 4th January 2010.

>> Monday, 4 January 2010

You can buy experience with kachings.

For example, by taxi you pay RM12 to go to 1U from Kelana Jaya LRT Station ouch.

For example, bus U89 goes all the way to Kota Damansara if you board the bus at 1U bus stand and takes roughly 1.5 hr to reach Kelana Jaya LRT Station yawn. (Time is gold.)


  • Religion: Technologism. O Technology I worship thee.
  • Public transport is despicable and yet should be worshipped.
  • I wonder how others lead their lives?
  • I haven't got used to writing 2010.
Tomorrow's to-dos:
  • Shop for jeans and slacks. Possibly skirt?
  • Viva has nice shirts :D
  • Brewery?
  • Look at Dave's (or whatever the restaurant's name is) :D
  • Settle documents needed for scholarships daaamn so tedious :/
But for now,
  • Translate.
  • Read.
  • Think.


Happy new year!

>> Friday, 1 January 2010

It's the new year, baby!

I didn't witness the lunar eclipse, I didn't scream like a banshee whatsoever in any countdown events, I didn't even attend any countdown events, I haven't listed down my New Year's Resolutions, I haven't found a job yet, I think I've gained weight OMG, I haven't got myself a hawt boyfriend sigh.

But I've cut my hair yay :)

Happy new year!


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