>> Saturday, 10 July 2010

Because we all need a new start :)



>> Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I want to die already I am virtually stabbing myself till I bleed to death (and till I revive) I am given a freaking week to respond and what did I do I did nothing I did absolutely NOTHING and today's the deadline and still I did not freaking respond to the e-mail as soon as I read it and I did not ask my questions one-off to the operator who have heard my voice for two times in a day so now what huh you &&^%$#&*^(*&)(* now your parents gotta fork out a freaking S$200 and do take note that I am not someone who can or even able to throw money around I work my ass off to earn a meagre salary to sustain my greed and satisfaction okay where was I oh yes S$200 ARRGHHH YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TIGHT MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED NOW I NEED A DOCTOR TO UNCROSS 'EM BY THE END OF JUNE.

* S$200 is the advance fee for accommodation in NUS.


Today after work I went for a drive

>> Friday, 11 June 2010

I took the turn towards 1U via Centrepoint, and instead of heading straight towards TTDI library which was my half-aim I took the left turn to Kota Damansara.

And instead of turning right to Kota Damansara I went towards Sungai Buloh along SEGi College.

Halfway down the road I took a turn to the nearest Petronas station to pump in RM20 of petrol - and failed to buy RM5 prepaid cuz they don't have it :(

Next instead of going to Sungai Buloh and go back home I remembered that scary little road with hairpin turns and the lagi scarier tiny tunnel I decided NOT to take the U-turn.

Mana tau I ended up in some unknown highway and took a ticket wtf.

And I was so scared when I saw the signboards which were in green going to Kuantan, Seremban etc. I figured I must be going south

Imagine how relieved I am when I saw Damansara and Petaling sign. I literally sighed "phew" aloud. I don't remember what Fly FM (or was it Red FM?) was playing.

After I paid the RM1 toll (RM1 per life lesson) I found myself at the exact highway I take everyday to and from work wtf -__________-;;


Coco Avant Chanel

>> Sunday, 30 May 2010

Audrey Tautou lacks the hourglass body shape many female celebrities and public emphasise so much on. I don't go 'wow' at her ass (eg at J. Lo's) nor do I go 'omg' at her lips (eg at Angelina Jolie's).

But, oh gosh, her acting skill is just drop dead gorgeous.

She immerses the whole of herself into the movie, into her character and the setting, so much so that it feels as if the whole event is happening right in front of your eyes.

Even when you are eating 1901 New York Chicken hot dog and drinking overly-sweet soya bean for lunch; even when the cinema is freezing cold and (almost) empty; even when some guy a few seats right of you is predicting the future (and get it wrong), you'll still think you've traveled back in time. As if everything is happening right under your nose; you just can't smell the beer and smoke from the cigarettes.

And you'd think you could walk towards Coco to tell her how pretty she looks in her striped top.

You can't see it here but the top is fab! *obsessed over stripes
That, is how good she is.

Oh. WONDERFUL soundtrack! :)

Highly recommended, both movie and soundtrack.


LOL moment at 1142

>> Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hello I'm at work and while talking to a customer he dropped his call.

I read the previous notes the previous agent taken down. Not sure whether my action now adheres to the company's privacy policy but what the heck! It's SO FUNNY.

Reason for short call: Customer called up to check the internet connection problem.
Action: Explain to customer that the line will be release ASAP.
- Customer said his son want to watch cartoon , or else his son will die due to his son will refuse to eat rice and cry until he die.
- Informed customer we will do ASAP.
- Apologize to customer for the problem caused.
Customer noted
Remember that this customer called and dropped his call? He just called back and sounded guilty.


While at work,

>> Sunday, 23 May 2010

As I'm typing this sentence the clock on the taskbar is showing 12:11pm.

It is cold in here. I hear many people talking. A lady was talking on her cellphone in Tamil/Hindu. I am waiting for more calls to come in. Or rather, I am waiting for 1pm cuz that's when my shift ends :) I have two interconnecting monitor in front of me, of which I am only staring at one.

I am hungry. I went to the pantry to see if there are snacks but there is none so I remain hungry :( Just last night I am beating myself up for scoffing too much raisins after a yummy dinner (apparently the rest of my family doesn't think so) outside. I screamed for my newest vital stats, of which I start screaming inward, pulling off my virtual inward hair, wearing a horrible horrible face as if Doomsday is here. Because it is here.

*refrain from body talk

Despite all the screaming and pulling-off-my-hair I still love food. I crave for Ikea's ginger-glazed salmon with potato salad which they are serving from 21 May to 4 July during their Swedish month which is only RM16.90 inclusive of 5% GST. Ilovesalmon Ilovesalmon Ilovesalmon.

I am spying on Kinder Bueno because I've never tried Kinder Bueno.

After NUS welcome tea yesterday at Concorde Hotel, of which I have the pleasure to meet MUET Band 6 holder P-something (Sorry I forgot your name! But we will become coursemate so I will know more than just your name *fingers cross), I want to try Famous Amos cookies because the hazelnut (I think) cookies with chocolate chip they served during the Tea is wonderful and the thickness of Lipton tea is perfect.

Right now as I am waiting for calls / arrival of 1pm in 38 minutes I am blogging, surveying cameras (compact with DSLR features and quality; budget < RM1.6k. Considering: Panasonic Lumix LX-3, Canon Powershot S90. Please advise), learning about aperture. I like Lady Antebellum and Cheer Chen!

I just received two calls, of which one was short and had nothing to do with me was transferred to the other department. I just received an SMS from Lethal May saying that the trip to The Curve next Wednesday is changed to Sunway Pyramid.
6 more minutes to go. My fingers are freezing. Microsoft Outlook is a bxtch as it hangs on me and I can't send an e-mail to the relevant department to announce the state of the computer which caused me to be late (even though I reached just in time). Another SMS just came in.

After my shift I will be going to my favourite library, situated near 1U in TTDI, a branch of KL library, to return all my books. I've finished Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (wonderful book) and The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan (magnificent). I attempted Winston Groom's Forrest Gump but I fell asleep in Chapter 3.

Ok my shift ends now. I work in 1 Tech Park, company Datacom. Bye bye :)



>> Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Listening to: What Were the Chances, Damien Jurado

Reading: The Reader, Bernhard Schlink

I remember Yung Xiang once said I am strange, because who he sees of me is not who my family sees, vice versa. (We had some "deep" philosophical talks. Wonderful times.) In his blog he described me as "internal contrast". And of course being 38 I asked him what he meant and he replied me on FB in a few rather long conversations and later he didn't reply wtf he must've thought I'm a terrible horrible person.

I think i read it in a photography magazine. It's like when you take a picture and you change it's total contrast you call it internal contrast. However, pls don't ask me what is external contrast. [...] win zee...though she may have many facets....has something kinda common in all her facets...that ultimately is so typically win zee?
Someone please decode. He either meant that I'm like a diamond which "has so many facets but still essentially a diamond"

or he might mean a different thing. I don't see the link between internal contrast and multi-faceted.

I agree that I have many facets, but what is the common ground these facets are based upon - if, according to YX, there is one? Maybe all these facets are equally noble, or smart, or popular, or wonderful. Throw in some more adjectives. Positives only, please, thank you.

Mom said what matters is that I be myself, and be happy with it. Am I happy? I don't know. At least I'm not sad. Oh but I am frustrated over my dressing style OMG so siannnnnnnn with it already laaa.

So who do you see? Do tell me by leaving a comment (or two) :)



>> Friday, 14 May 2010

Reading: The Kitchen God's Wife, Amy Tan / The Reader, Bernhard Schlink

Ok... I was here to check my mail and Facebook and suddenly I'm everywhere. Hahaha.

Answer to Yen's question "Eh zee have you changed your job recently?" I have far too many friends who have 'Yen' in their names, and I can't pinpoint your name from the tone you use / the way you type, hence I don't know in what tone I should use to answer your question and hence I think it would be fair for me to answer here in a post in a neutral and perhaps sarcastic and playful tone.

When you first enter the building, you can see the cafeteria at your left. As you approach the elevator there are free newspapers - The Oriental Daily or The Malay Mail, your preference. You hit the '3' button when you enter the elevator.

You enter two heavy glass doors, of which you require an electronic card. At the pantry, there are free flow of Milo, Nescafe, Nestum, sugar, and whatnots. There is a huge tin of Marie biscuits. There are roughly 10 tables and 10 pairs of chairs for each table. There are many, many, many bottles of water. It is Fruits Day every Monday and Wednesday!

I sit in front of the PC for the whole duration of my work, rising up from my spinning chair just to go to the washroom, or to stretch, or when there are no calls. It is cold, the place I work. I pick up calls through the PC, and I rush to type everything the caller and I said into the system. My Mandarin has deteriorated like going down the slides *whee and that fact still amazes me. And with our eyes glued to the computer screen, E-mail is thus the main way of communication here - at least for "long-distance" communication

But I am only starting my real work next Monday; the previous two weeks was only training. Lol.

Reply to orenji's message:

On Thursday, there were two interviewers for me. When they started the interview in Malay I was "oh shxt" but very quickly they switched to English yay. They were really nice, really friendly, so friendly that I joked with them too. But apart from that, an interview is still an interview; and the more I think about it, the more I think I screwed up @#^&$#*($&#@$%

I don't find Penang har mee nice, maybe because I never liked spicy food. Or maybe because I wasn't concentrating.

I drove a short stretch, of maybe 10% of the distance back home. I drove in the pouring rain, potong-ed kereta, kena hon-ed by a Toyota not my fault I swear, stuck too close to a lorry for a few seconds, and managed a 110km/h for a second oh I am so proud I WANNA DRIVEEEE.

Darling, both of us are pretty out of shape so let's not complain but instead, admire ourselves in the mirror with dresses we know we can never afford unless we become 少奶奶 k?



>> Sunday, 9 May 2010

I am getting crazy with university admission, and while I know bottomless disappointment comes together with high hopes, I am still holding on to the very, very thin thread tied on to a balloon.

While the balloon is not a part of the essentials in my life... but it feels as if I'll die if the thread patah.

My fingers shall remain crossed until early July.


On a side note, I actually like balloons, be it carrying it around town or popping it. Hahaha.


29th & 30th April 2010 @ Genting Highlands

>> Monday, 3 May 2010

To Live Without It, The Spill Canvas

Since 9.30am I plopped myself in front of the computer waiting for the release of Munsyi results so slow so slow sooooooo sloooooooooow.

A bunch of us went to visit Uncle Lim last month. For me, it was the 2nd time of the month and the year.

It's so strange the things Science students get so excited about!
The first day we were up there we went for Karaoke cuz dinner would be cheaper lol. And it was one heck of a singing sesh, even though it was only 2+1 hour!

And while we were waiting for our turn to play bowling we saw this guy wearing leopard-print cropped jacket, black fitting shirt and dark blue skinny jeans, plus huge black-frame glasses and spiky hair and OMG so gay. Another guy from that group - big size, yellow shirt - is gay too. Honestly, they were very nice to watch at.

The next morning, after ML, YC and I shared two pots of yucky porridge we split: them to the Outdoor Theme Park while YC and I hung around Indoor.

We window shopped. I found Purple Cane! And they charged RM2 for every big cup of green tea. That must be the reason they earn more than We watched Ip Man 2, then had tea/lunch at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because both of us have this dream of having a leisurely (and classy) afternoon tea in a coffee house; and what better place to splurge at but Genting Highlands, where everywhere is just as expensive?

My Hazelnut Ice-Blended; YC's Double Chocolate; and Red Velvet Cake
YC and I then proceeded to Haunted House Adventure to scare our pants off (which actually wasn't as scary as I'd imagined).

And then we did really tourist-y stuff to pass time -.-;; Tourist-y stuff like:

I knoooow wtf -.-;;

After this trip I am inspired to complete a few things:
  1. Update the wardrobe and learn make-up and enter the casino before I turn 21 wtf.
  2. Get a bf to teman me into the Haunted House lol.
  3. Detox after all the junk I stuffed into my stomach -.-;;
It was a great, great trip. Perhaps I won't remember the tiny details in the future, like ML buttoning and unbuttoning her shirt buttons;

or KJ imitating the Kit Kat advertisement;

or CP and U-Phun's attempt to prevent the crew at the Karaoke to chase us out

but I know I'll remember the fun and innocence that accompany this less-than-48 hours.



>> Friday, 9 April 2010

I saw this on FB and I find it very, very meaningful.

  1. 转身,要比眼泪快。
    过了20岁,你必须学会承担难过,你必须知道难过它会过< 要经常对自己说,我也可以很勇敢。不要,千万不要,轻易在别人面前掉眼泪。 别人看多了你的眼泪,就会觉得你的眼泪如此廉价。
  2. 你以前或许干过许多荒唐的事。
  3. 谁对你好,你就对谁好。
  4. 明确自己的目标,为此奋斗。
  5. 答应自己的事情就要做到,该对自己狠的时候就要狠,切忌优柔寡断、藕断丝连。
  6. 如果你正在恋爱,请不要毫无保留地付出。
  7. 做人学会圆滑。
    对不喜欢的人和事面带笑容,是我们必须学会的恶心。(Very true HATE THIS.)
  8. 感谢所有伤害过你的人。
  9. 别玩什么非主流。你又不是肥猪刘。
  10. 减肥,说说就好。
    到你真的减到跟竹竿似的时候,你会发现低血压低血糖头晕目眩 一系列疾病同时伴随你。
  11. 对挑拨离间的人,不要揭发他。
  12. 是的,你已经达到法定婚龄了,可是你并不用着急着嫁人。
    可是你才刚过20岁,你不知道一辈子到底有多长。日子是过出 来的,不是想出来的。
  13. 轰轰烈烈的爱情,留给一字头的年龄。(I have one more year to try this! *despo)
  14. 男朋友,宁缺毋滥。不要因为寂寞而恋爱,不要因为跟风而恋爱。
  15. 自己喜欢的东西,不要奢望别人买。
  16. 如果一个男人对你说他配不上你,相信他。



A bottle.

>> Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I have a bottle inside me in which I keep my negative emotions. I would like to say that the capacity of the bottle is rather large.

But these negative emotions are like cotton candy.

Like everything else, they are were minute and compact; but they are filled with air and thus become rather huge. So the bottle gets filled up fairly quickly (do keep in mind that the bottle is L A R G E).

But there will definitely be one cotton candy which is too big to fill the bottle. It squeezes and squeezes into the bottle. And when it succeeds in entering the bottle - it fails. The cap of the bottle shoots up to space, and the cotton candy squirts out like fountain - except less pretty.

What a mess!

And these cotton candies have to be translated into something in order to disappear. It's like magic, but less magical and more real.

Being the owner of the bottle, I am the one who decide in what form these candies should transform into.

I could've chosen gluttony, or movement, or death

I chose words. And I chose to let you know.

Thank you, darlings, for your concern, at least I know I am not alone LOL I know you will be there when I need a listening ear (or a few!), for me to repeat the same thing over and over again like a cacat-ed recorder :)

So now the bottle is empty, and I am fine :)

Yes dear May, I do eat with mutated cockroaches (supervisor said it's due to herbs I think we can believe him cuz he's a food tech grad LOL) while sitting amidst two pots of cooked eggs and rows of raw eggs. I am not crazy!



>> Friday, 2 April 2010

The movie is just okay, in my opinion. While it's worth the price of your ticket, it doesn't matter if you give it a miss.

Johnny Depp is charming as usual. Aiyooo I tell you I was like "awwwww" when Alice wanted to return to the real world because the Mad Hatter likes her so much.

Awwwww :)
The Mad Hatter (to Alice):You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness
I thought, have I lost my much-ness as well?


I think I'm so thoroughly exhausted, I cling on to my bed like a koala to the Eucalyptus tree. (Except less cute.)

So in the end I didn't jog. And skipped my planned shopping and movie trip. (Due to other reason.)

I had cheese tart this morning OMG HEAVENLYYYY.

Can't believe selling tea and eggs can take a toll on my Ever Ready battery. -.-;;


Some guy said to me yesterday:
I like your smile *grins

I was serving tea you see, trying to hit the impossible sales target, then this old uncle with brown senget teeth walked past. And then he stopped in front of me. I thought he wanted to sample tea so I held my tray out and as I held my tray out the fucking uncle leaned forward so damn fucking close and said "I lke your smile" wtf and I can see his brown senget teeth ugghhh. I may be despo but I'm not that despo thank you very much.


YHY was the only one who played April Fools joke on me and it failed in such a way only I can achieve.

He told me he wanted to commit suicide, I though he was depressed due to some things he was trying to hide so I wasn't concerned about his suicidal notions. And when it turned out to be a prank all I did was "haha damn fail."

Haha damn fail.



>> Thursday, 25 March 2010

First Unhappiness

I could've slammed the phone whabaaam! but that's not my style.

I could also have replied all sorts of vulgarities (do not underestimate the super pea) but that's not my style either

So all I could do is to curse under my breath and decide not to bother the person.

And I've never been so angry with one person, not even with my family. If I do get angry (what, I get angry?) I forget. Okay so I don't forget everything but I remember to forget. So it never bothers me.

But THIS. OMGWTF I FEEL SO ANNOYED AND INSULTED. If you have that many credits, fine. Spend it your way. Prank call the ambulance or 999, call Win Zee up and pretend to be Jason Mraz, whatever, I don't care. Even if Jason Mraz calls me. (If only he does, sigh.) But seriously to spend that cent and seconds and finger exercise on insulting me?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPLY?!

Thank you YC for listening to (or rather reading) my quizzical rants in caps. You are very smart. My friends are smart :)


Second Unhappiness
I submitted my documents to NUS today via Pos Laju and wtf it cost me RM26.40 that's 5.28 hours of my work and more expensive than other courier services OMG! but wtf EARNING MONEY RIGHT NOW IS NOT MY TOP PRIORITY.

I know I'm Scrooge and everything, but I am NOT money-minded.


Third Unhappiness
When I'm unhappy my teeth gets itchy (unhappiness nerve links to teeth nerve). Hence I look for things to munch on. I found a tin of Jacobs Hi-Iron cream crackers and I am was munching on thousands of calories shit.

Tomorrow I will be blaming myself until I worth nothing. Actually I'm already feeling rather VERY guilty now :(


Fourth Unhappiness
The weather is super hot right now. Mosquitoes are biting me.


Fifth Unhappiness
To think I'll be free of this thing call sales target after that sort of dreaded promotion period. Oh so wrong.

To be reminded everyday feels like this:

Except that I'm not a sponge/polystyrene to absorb and forget the shock; nor am I a stone/invincible plastic that reflects back the arrow.

I hatehatehate sales target.
  1. It's the source of all things FAT (stress leads to unhappiness which leads to eating which leads to FAT)
  2. It the source of all things BRAT and I don't like to be a brat FOR GOD'S SAKE I'M NOT 7-YEARS-OLD.
 It overwhelms me. I feel like I'm underneath so many invisible unknown things that seem weightless to everybody else. Sometimes I think to myself, whether I'm ready to actually accept these 21-SX adult stuff.

And that day we (they) went on lessons on Long Jing green tea. Since I'm not working full-time so it's natural I do not take part. At the end of the lesson since they had 15 minutes more to spare I was given the chance to "perform" the tea art and though I understand that to be appreciated is impossible I am still hurt by how sincere the way they show it (of not appreciating me) :(

I would've rolled my eyes and muttered, "Adults," but I can't. Because I am becoming one too.

Is this the reason that adults are adults, because they are treated this way when they were still young?

Why does everyone transition to adulthood so smoothly like the evolution of caterpillar to butterfly?

Everybody else's growth (death phase = Alzheimer's etc)
My growth

I am waiting for that moment for me to moult.


Sixth Unhappiness

I stare too much at the computer screen, my sight has definitely declined.

I have to wake up at like 7+ tomorrow and it's 1.04am right now I'm still here blogging witnessing the ballooning of my tummy.

If only I can float up to the air when my tummy has ballooned to a certain size. (Please don't make it burst.)

I miss the feel of the wind on my face.



>> Thursday, 11 March 2010

Q: I'm snacking too much on CNY cookies/raisins/nuts/whatever I can get my hands on hoooow I don't wanna get faaat :(

A: Jogging. Tomorrow morning. MUST.


Q: I am procrastinating on my scholarship essay/application/university application/sleeping hoooow :(

A: Get this T-shirt to save you from giving excuses by mouth so as to save energy.




>> Monday, 8 March 2010

I just munched on too much raisins, now too much raisins are swimming in the HCl in my stomach.

They bloop!


And meanwhile, as these raisins-fishes bloop,

I am stalking one of my DJ friends, whom I was once very close with.

My classmate who seemed to be the coolest quietest guy in class is in a very awkward relationship LOL! So awkward, your expression spells "wth?"

My junior who again changed girlfriend 3 weeks and few days ago told me (all?) about the love between them both. Ahem PDA!

I spent last night listening to someone else's story and sometwo else's imagination.

38 laa hahaha.


And raisin-fishes population is still growing steadily in HCl. Boom-and-bust population happening soon.


When there are no customers I tend to think. (Amazing what the Super Pea can do, eh?) Often I think of life, people, relationships between people, future, past, present. Often the thoughts come in the form of question marks that fade away just as quickly as it appears.

There are two kinds of smiles: a false one; and a genuine one.

Just like smiles, there are two kinds of trusts: the trust towards a stranger / someone you barely know; and the trust towards someone you know, perhaps even dearly.

I wonder, when you get older, do both the latter becomes more difficult to harbour?


Yes. Overpopulation of raisin-fishes in HCl. This proves Biology Vol. 2 by Lee Ching published by Longman right.

I feel like puking *&%$^%$

Tomorrow I gotta wake up at 7 do my share of chores have breakfast take a quick shower prepare my lunch runnn to the bus stand by 8.15am and here I am at 1.19am blogging away.

I feel so guilty right now cuz the 4/5 full once-alive raisin-fishes in the container are now swimming in the congested HCl in the stomach pouch.


Bloopish pukish.


Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

>> Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Never dismiss this movie as childish or hollow stuff.

When you see a glass of water filled just half, how do you see it: half-full or half-empty?

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium compares both the dull, monotonous life many of us lead, and a life filled with magic and hope we all crave for. Or, not exactly hope; it is about faith.

It is a very simple movie, of the fate of a magical toy store just before and after Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman) dies departs. (He is not a light bulb.) The store manager, Molly Mahoney (Natalie Portman) is a talented pianist and a budding composer who desperately needs the *sparkle*. Henry Weston, the mutant/accountant, is an epitome of all laymen - us who (no longer) believes in, but in need of, magic in our lives.

It makes you think of the way you currently view life. Is it really as bad as it seems? Is this doomsday? Is there no future?

Because all we need is a little bit of magic, a little bit of *sparkle*, and a whole lot of faith.

"There are a million things one might do with a block of wood. But what do you think might happen if someone, just once, believed in it?" -- Mr. Magorium



>> Thursday, 25 February 2010

I AM HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :DDDD Now I shall prepare my thank you speech before my press conference starts atSO SO SO SUPER HAPPY :)

Now I shall have to work out my plausible future.

To-do: go buy tomorrow's Nanyang Siang Pau!


You (shall) hear a (virtual) gunshot

>> Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I am so fucking nervous right now that as I am typing this post and writing an essay and peeling a Mandarin orange and SMSing I am literally trembling oh my God someone please save me from this pathetic miserable state I am scared so so so so scared shoot me where is that fucking assuring call that I need I am die.

Congratulations, once again.



Smile - Uncle Kracker

>> Monday, 22 February 2010

Uncle Kracker's Smile never makes me fail to smile, just like Jason Mraz's I'm Yours and Shayne Ward's Breathless.

Smile - Uncle Kracker
You’re better than the best
I’m lucky just to linger in your light
Cooler than the flipside of my pillow, that’s right
Completely unaware
Nothin’ can compare to where you send me
Lets me know that it’s okay, yeah it’s okay
And the moments when my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
Sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh you make me smile

Even when you’re gone
Somehow you come along just like a flower
Poking through the sidewalk crack
And just like that, you steal away the rain
And just like that

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
Sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh you make me smile

Don’t know how I lived without you
‘Cause every time that I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
You make me smile

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
Sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh you make me smile

(Oh you make me smile) oh you make me smile
(Oh you make me smile) oh you make me smile


What does CNY 2010 brings?

>> Sunday, 21 February 2010

What is Bruce Lee's favourite drink?


Only a handful of people showed up for U6S bainian trip.

What you've missed:

  1. AngpauS. Duh.
  2. Zohan's mom's amazingly fabulous nyonya kuih! I have to have good relationship with the academic staff in UM in order to enter It's trueeee :)
  3. Zohan's unique spice-d kuih kapit. Seriously. Not trying to foster good relationship with Zohan to get into UM LOL.
  4. Zohan's amazingly geng Erhu and Guzheng performances OMG.
  5. Gossips. Duh.
  6. Wonderful, breathtaking night view of KL OMG. Forget about light pollution.
  7. Make-a-wish up up uuuup to the sky and then down down doooown to the ground. (Oh but we were kind enough to include everyone else.)
On the surface, yes, we are united. We seem to have so many plans for the days ahead, and we are determined to include everyone in it. It is not so much of the patriotic sentiment; instead it's the love and support we harbour for each other unknowingly, and the thought that we are all in this together, that we are one.

But we are never united. Well, maybe a few of the rare times when we had to get together and cooperate (or give face?) but our hearts were never 100% into it. We save some for ourselves, with a depressing thought that this whole thing is only temporary.

Nothing is static. History changes, our story changes as we progress our time line. But don't these non-static things, no matter how small, affect us in one way or another?


And today I met up with Waning and Jo after GodknowshowlongOMG.

What you've missed:
  1. AngpauS. Duh.
  2. Jo's super scary dangerous driving *clutches on handbar*
  3. Gossips. Duh.
  4. Dimsum breakfast, yummm :D
  5. Reminiscence. Ahhhh.
I need to (re)learn how to driveee! To be restricted transportation-wise is such a pathetic thing :/


STPM results out on 25th February OMGABCWTF why so early!


And besides that, I NEED A JOB which is HIGH-PAYING and NOT DULL. :/




Purple Conclusion

>> Monday, 15 February 2010

 Happy CNY and a belated Valentine's day! I am now sitting in front of the computer typing out this blog post, just finished my bowl of tang yuen, listening to my mom and brother watching AFC.

Yes I didn't go to my parents' hometown this year. To be honest I am glad of that decision: I am SICK! I'm recuperating quite well, thank you *sniff cough*


I am now officially jobless due to H1N2.

Life of such promotion job was tough tough tough. Basically my day went like this: Wake up - work - sleep. During work it's opening the stall - count $ - think of what to eat / where to go for lunch - lunch - think of what to eat /where to go for dinner - dinner - anticipate 10pm. While it did seem lifeless and repetitive, it isn't at all.

So what have I learned in this 20+ days?

  1. I met different kinds of people: normal customers, strange customers, unexpected customers, crazy customers, foreigners, Choy San, performers, magician. Not to mention great colleagues from my company itself and those who work in 1U.
  2. I've seen many kinds of things that I might not have the chance to see, have I not worked there:
    TV shoots,

    Rehearsal for 8TV CNY show

    Wanita Hari Ini TV shoot (that's Soo Wincci in orange cheongsam!)

    newspaper photoshoots, promotional video shoots *cough*
    and 1U without electricity XD

    See that it's dark behind the cats!
  3. I had a brief glimpse of the corporate culture, which is so like those we watch on TV dramas: meeting targets, kena marah if target didn't kena (not us part-timers la), competition within the company itself, strange people management courses like wtf.
  4. I find our society intriguing, how human minds actually function. How are people able to spend money like water; why are they actually afraid of pretty promoters like me promoters giving out samples wtf; why do people buy branded stuff when everyone owns one, etc etc.
  6. Gelato tastes like smoother, creamier ice-cream. Quality of Rotiboy bun has dropped :/
  7. I learned about tea, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. I don't like puer noooo.
  8. Perhaps I understand myself a little bit more, perhaps I haven't. And perhaps I've changed a little bit, I don't know yet.
Sales is stressful, so can learning process be, but overall it was fun. I don't think I'm fit for this job for the long-term, but for a short while, why not? ;)


My newest darlings! <3

Intellectual gluttony. I am a happy girl :)


Hello Shopping Mall.

>> Saturday, 23 January 2010

At 9.30am, the shopping mall belongs to the shopping mall. I can feel the quiet, tired vibes it sends out. But it is contented to be this way.

At 9.45am the escalators operate, lights are switched on. And even by then there are already shoppers.

And from then till closing time it is not itself; it belongs to the liveliness and glitter-eyed animals who has money to spare. To be precise, it belongs to Materialism. By then its exterior is covered in gold, but in its hidden core, is it the same thing too?

At closing time the shopping mall shuts its eyes, while on the 4th floor movie-goers continue their upside-down lives.

The shopping mall is alive. I like it when it is itself, when it is able to give a tired but genuine smile.


I think, I'm a good listener. Ok well listener ≠ people who listens and nods and does not give a damn of what you say but yeah, I'm a good listener. Somehow (un-potential) customers have just so much stories to tell; about China and how much oolong / puer / green tea / thermos flasks they have at home and how frequent / infrequent they drink their tea and how much they love / hate oolong / puer / green tea and how tea affects their bodies.

Amazingggg. Why not buy our tea? *smile*

I think I have this face which says "I won't tell anybody". Seriously. Some people have told me that personally, or at least tell me stuff that they won't usually tell people (or at least I perasanly think so).

Must be the pretty face / ears.


Speaking of ears I read A Wild Sheep Chase. As usual, symbolic, metaphorical, metaphysical. Oh but yes, good book.


Speaking of sheeps! I talked to two super cute sheeps who thought I was the sheep for falling for their (very failing) couple trick.

Nice one, YHY. Humour me the next time we meet ;)


It's 12.48am now. I gotta wake up at 7 tomorrow / later today, and stand for >13 hours tomorrow. Oh yay the excitement.

Sales = stress >:( I should consider a tape recorder counselor job.

I look like a terrible skinny (peopleS say so) vegetable with frankfurter lips who's on too much tea.

RM70 is tough money :S


Eh uncle see no beauty.

>> Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Being single is fun; being attached might be fun-er, I can't say for sure. No experience, no talk.

But uncles - definitely not fun.

No not fun at all >:(

It's not so much of a culture shock as I (and many of you) have witnessed Crayon Shin Chan and other characters from old school mangas.



>> Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I have a friend whom, I believe, is godsend to test and thus enhance my patience.

Result #1: I am impatient / kiasu.
Consequence #1: I get angry over petty stuff o_____O
Action to be taken #1: Cut up the jantung and accept it without sulking.

Haha, sour grape talk, but yes, there are lessons to be learnt beneath the sourish exterior.


I sell tea. Come look for me! Let me practice my promotion skills on you. It gives me a chance to achieve perfection (practice makes perfect); a (false) sense of satisfaction; and keeps my spirit up cuz it's hard to keep your spirit up when nobody wants to even take a pamphlet!

I shall be a tea expert and a 1U expert when this is over ;)


Blog-like Tweeeet.

>> Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Blog-like Tweet #1: I pray to The One Upstairs that my melodious voice shall remain with me until Friday evening pleasepleaseplease I don't want to be voiceless! *voice cracks*

Blog-like Tweet #2: I've got to wake up reeeeally early the next morning and I am procrastinating haha faaail.

Think: What do people cherish, and I mean really keep it to the heart and soul, in life?

Having a slightly pessimistic (I hope the person doesn't read this blog / the laptop remains dead) friend induces thinking haha what kind of friend am I.


I need Hacks.

>> Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I could've start today's post like this:

The alarm rang at 7.45am but I was so sleepy I slept back and only woke up at 9.30am. As I cursed I did my daily yoga (that is, after I brushed my teeth). When I came downstairs I followed my detox (?) routine: a humongous mug of warm water, honey and salt and did my share of chores - swept the floor, mopped the floor, tidied the house, and reminded myself to fold the clothes.

Meet Sophie/Sofia. She is my Godmother and rival because she has Howl.

(Post-STPM is boring. I need a waitress job, at least RM5/hour. Preferred location: 1U, The Curve, Ikano. Preferred restaurant: Casual dining hehehe.)

Well it started out like that, and it should continue like this:

I would've gone shopping, or settled my freaking essayS, or gone to the Brewery, or continued tidy the house, or read, or daydreamed.

Mana tau I received an unknown call from some auntie middle-aged lady at 11am. She coerced I mean persuaded me to earn a few bucks. The requirements are as below:
  1. Wear skirt / dress / slacks as the last resort.
  2. Bring yourself. Experience not necessary.
I mean like wtf no training whatsoever; the lady just threw me into the fire spit and expected me to scramble up to the ground by myself.

Never have I been so happy to be aliveeeee. Life is beautiful. Weekends are wonderful. Big thanks to QX for making it bearable :)

p/s Gahness I hate mosquitoes may you extinct.


This is about 4th January 2010.

>> Monday, 4 January 2010

You can buy experience with kachings.

For example, by taxi you pay RM12 to go to 1U from Kelana Jaya LRT Station ouch.

For example, bus U89 goes all the way to Kota Damansara if you board the bus at 1U bus stand and takes roughly 1.5 hr to reach Kelana Jaya LRT Station yawn. (Time is gold.)


  • Religion: Technologism. O Technology I worship thee.
  • Public transport is despicable and yet should be worshipped.
  • I wonder how others lead their lives?
  • I haven't got used to writing 2010.
Tomorrow's to-dos:
  • Shop for jeans and slacks. Possibly skirt?
  • Viva has nice shirts :D
  • Brewery?
  • Look at Dave's (or whatever the restaurant's name is) :D
  • Settle documents needed for scholarships daaamn so tedious :/
But for now,
  • Translate.
  • Read.
  • Think.


Happy new year!

>> Friday, 1 January 2010

It's the new year, baby!

I didn't witness the lunar eclipse, I didn't scream like a banshee whatsoever in any countdown events, I didn't even attend any countdown events, I haven't listed down my New Year's Resolutions, I haven't found a job yet, I think I've gained weight OMG, I haven't got myself a hawt boyfriend sigh.

But I've cut my hair yay :)

Happy new year!


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