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>> Thursday, 24 December 2009

These things once seem like a part of me that cannot be taken away. Now after the horrendous STPM I realise I've lost all these powers that I once had.

  • Blog o_O
  • Take pictures.
  • Sing my heart out.
  • Write. Wtf.
  • Play the piano.
  • :) genuinely.
I feel like Superwoman who has lost her powers and become Spiderwoman.

However I've also gained some new powers.
  • Blank out at any time I want / don't want.
  • Observe. In a way. I think.
  • Produce questions that have no answers. No I don't think of chickens and eggs.
  • Cock my head when the question (see above) pop up in my head.
  • Read the main section while reading the newspaper.
And there are abilities that still remain with me, even after the vegetable STPM.
  • Bite my nails. Grrrr. Not something to be proud of. Kids, do not attempt this AT ALL COSTS >:(
  • Walk relatively faster than normal Homo sapiens lol.
  • Seem to be more indecisive than ever.
There are also skills that I can't have. I think you call it destiny.
  • Drive. HAHA.
  • Play the guitar :(
  • Pronounce French like a French. (Actually I haven't started resume my online French lessons LOL.)
  • Cook to my satisfaction. If food is the reason of my death, I must've died out of boredom (no variety of food) instead of hunger.
  • Penmanship up to my satisfaction.
  • Speak and write perfect English.
  • Understand the difference between 'who' and 'whom'.
Superwoman or Spiderwoman? You I decide ;)


SO LAZY TO LOOK FOR FREE $$ AND UNIS LAAA >:S They jumble up my mind from unruly longevity noodles into springggggy noodles.

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Shampoo Cax 24/12/2009, 02:24  

if you write 8000 letters to all companies or sponsors you can find im sure you can get your school fees covered fully :)

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