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>> Monday, 14 December 2009

Mmm yes it's been a long while. I don't remember how to blog anymore, lol.

Not many happened since August 30th. Several events in school, but yeah, other than that life is was pretty fugly.


Exam season = season of love.

You know how parents get more anxious than you during exam, and the things they do for you, to ensure that you're in your best shape to face the exams?

I feel loved :)

I don't like Chicken Essence even if it contains bird's nest God knows what's in there. Still I forced it down my throat. Tasted horribly salty ughhh high blood pressure in sight.

The hothothot tea my mom brewed for me one day. CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE :)

The last bottle of the chicken's essence yesyesyes I was saving it for Chemistry 1 because the path after this salty yucky thing is a beautiful day with rainbow :D


Ok so I gotta rewind and look for my style as well as muse. I seriously forgot how to blog! O_O

So yes, stay tune folks :) Loves!

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