Super powers

>> Thursday, 24 December 2009

These things once seem like a part of me that cannot be taken away. Now after the horrendous STPM I realise I've lost all these powers that I once had.

  • Blog o_O
  • Take pictures.
  • Sing my heart out.
  • Write. Wtf.
  • Play the piano.
  • :) genuinely.
I feel like Superwoman who has lost her powers and become Spiderwoman.

However I've also gained some new powers.
  • Blank out at any time I want / don't want.
  • Observe. In a way. I think.
  • Produce questions that have no answers. No I don't think of chickens and eggs.
  • Cock my head when the question (see above) pop up in my head.
  • Read the main section while reading the newspaper.
And there are abilities that still remain with me, even after the vegetable STPM.
  • Bite my nails. Grrrr. Not something to be proud of. Kids, do not attempt this AT ALL COSTS >:(
  • Walk relatively faster than normal Homo sapiens lol.
  • Seem to be more indecisive than ever.
There are also skills that I can't have. I think you call it destiny.
  • Drive. HAHA.
  • Play the guitar :(
  • Pronounce French like a French. (Actually I haven't started resume my online French lessons LOL.)
  • Cook to my satisfaction. If food is the reason of my death, I must've died out of boredom (no variety of food) instead of hunger.
  • Penmanship up to my satisfaction.
  • Speak and write perfect English.
  • Understand the difference between 'who' and 'whom'.
Superwoman or Spiderwoman? You I decide ;)


SO LAZY TO LOOK FOR FREE $$ AND UNIS LAAA >:S They jumble up my mind from unruly longevity noodles into springggggy noodles.



>> Friday, 18 December 2009

I am sitting on a red stool with my legs crossed. A woman - curvaceous and sexy and everything I wanna be - lies lazily on my right thigh.

I place my arm on the most voluptuous part of her, my hand on her slender neck, and she does not fidget.

I pull her into me, and she does not reject me.


I am at a slight disadvantage here, though.

Fingers too short hand too small.

My fingers are pulling pressing hard on her heartstrings, yet I still cannot produce the heart-rippin' sound I long for.

Total sighness :(


Alive not dead.

>> Monday, 14 December 2009

Mmm yes it's been a long while. I don't remember how to blog anymore, lol.

Not many happened since August 30th. Several events in school, but yeah, other than that life is was pretty fugly.


Exam season = season of love.

You know how parents get more anxious than you during exam, and the things they do for you, to ensure that you're in your best shape to face the exams?

I feel loved :)

I don't like Chicken Essence even if it contains bird's nest God knows what's in there. Still I forced it down my throat. Tasted horribly salty ughhh high blood pressure in sight.

The hothothot tea my mom brewed for me one day. CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE :)

The last bottle of the chicken's essence yesyesyes I was saving it for Chemistry 1 because the path after this salty yucky thing is a beautiful day with rainbow :D


Ok so I gotta rewind and look for my style as well as muse. I seriously forgot how to blog! O_O

So yes, stay tune folks :) Loves!


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