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>> Sunday, 30 August 2009

Quite recently I've developed this strange love for this country we call Home.

I haven't been to enough countries to think Malaysia is the best place to live in; nor have I fully experience the real Malaysia.

So why this strange love? There are so many things to dislike: our inefficiency, our mindless politicking, our immature attitude of putting ALL the blame on someone else, our childish indecisiveness, our amazing cleanliness, our attitude of all talk but no action, our love-hate relationship with foreign workers, our high crime rates, our wonderfully monstrous drivers, our crazy exam-oriented education system (INSANITY!), our low appreciation for brains which causes brain drain, our cynicism, the way we seem to embrace foreign culture (well fish n' chips and pasta ARE yummy)...

These definitely are enough reasons for me to fleee.

And then there are things that I find it so endearing: our unique Manglish, sinful food (who doesn't love kuihs and rendang :), warm hot humid weather that we never have to worry about, our lackadaisical and tidak apa attitude, our multilingual ability (woohoo!), our (seemingly?) peaceful multicultural society.

Uhmm, anymore?

The flaws outnumber the good I can think of (and remember) of Malaysia. Maybe I take the understanding and respect between people of different races and religion for granted, or maybe I've never noticed the little things that is going around in the country.

I have to agree that the 1Malaysia concept is really really good. I'm still young and naïve in all these "big adult stuff", hence I don't have the cynical eye of Sime. But come on la, at least we have a leader who's good in copywriting eh? XD

As a country 52 is still young but I think that is no excuse for us. Everyone's got to grow up and face the real world some day, and for us that someday may not be that far after all.

I wonder if we're making any progress towards maturity, albeit silently.

Yeah I love cheese and the darling British accent OHGAWD but what the heck, I suka our kuih-muih lagi baik :D Happy Merdeka!

Check out the 15Malaysia videos if you haven't! They're awesome! <3



>> Saturday, 15 August 2009

What the heck la I can't write even write a decent crap.

I am emo I think I have mild depression I want to escape to a place where nobody knows me like ITALY but since that's impossible I now only want to sit in a corner and stare blankly at people with my brain totally blank and think of nothing but blank yes it's actually possible or just be alone and not meet anyone and just do nothing and think nothing but blank I am a panda whose PMS will last till December 10th I apologize sincerely if I did hurt any of you in one way or another I believe I did please forgive my abnormal PMS I am a snail with pimply shell and an empty body filled with useless stuffs I have to hold on to until December 10th what is the definition of best friend I no longer look for temporary happiness eg the rain or (smell of) pastries or a jog I am looking for something that is able to fill up this hole inside permanently rather than just covering it up with cellophane tape that will peel itself off later I feel something's leaking from the hole possibly the something is me why is this blankness so difficult to find.

Sh*t it's 10:59pm I realize I hadn't taken my shower yet hahaha -.-;;


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