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>> Sunday, 12 July 2009

I finally finished Stephen King's Cell, thank you YHY!

It scared the hell outta me during night time. *scream* RAGGEDY MAN!

And it was hell good :D


On the Fourth of July we went to INTI University College, situated in Nilai, for a (very simplified) microbiology lecture.

We were awed by the super high-tech laboratory.

Inside the oven (I forgot what's the proper name -.-;;) where, instead of roasting insects, they incubate bacteria.

Canggih fume chamber.

And we saw something familiar:

The magnetic stirrer!

It was a (very simplified) lecture on restrictive enzyme. We got to try our hands on "very expensive chemicals", as our lecturer, Dr. Geetha said. And since it was "very expensive" we had to do the experiment four in a group.

Lab I with Dr. Geetha

These are the micropipettes we were required to use as the amount of chemicals we need are in micro amount, like, 2 microlitre.

Jeen and micropipettes

All the chemicals (enzymes, bacteria, and other stuff I don't remember) were all inside these little tubes:

(L-R) Kar Yee, May, Jeen, CYP

and now we're going to centrifuge these tubes to ensure that whatever stuff inside were mixed properly.

And you know what nerds take pictures with, don't you :P

(Clockwise L-R) CYP, May, Miao Ling, Jeen, Kar Yee, Zee

Inside the centrifuge

Forgot what this machine is for :P

(Clockwise L-R) Unknown Machine, Angeline, YC, Jeen

After all the processes with canggih machines, gel in the electrophoresis machine and covered with buffer solution, we had to inject (?) the stuff-in-tubes into this gel we made earlier. And it was tough!

Angeline with her shaky hands and micropipette.

We then connected the electrophoresis machine with some voltage thingy.

YC loved this bottle (which I forgot what was initially in there) so much, she thought maybe it would serve as an aquarium.

Can you see the future goldfish? *bloop*

Playing with 95% ethanol, possibly azeotropic mixture lol. (L-R) May, YC, Angeline

Murder in Microbiology laboratory I using a micropipette.

During lunch (nasi sambal and syrup), to celebrate our success. LOL.
(L-R) Jeen, CYP, Miao Ling, YC, Kar Yee, May, Zee

Trip to the library

U-Phun: "May I have your number?"
I love the chairs! :D

We went back to our lab and continued our work. After our gel was done we placed it in the ROCKER!, stained with methylene blue, so that we can see what the heck went on when we were away.

May with THE ROCKER!

See the DNA fragments?

Zee with buffer named after her Z Buffer


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