>> Sunday, 26 July 2009

It is late now.

I hear the crickets.

Ok that is a stupid beginning for a story lol mana pergi talent saya.

But yeah. It is late now. And I do hear crickets. And a motorbike just passed. And the wall fan. And me typing. And my conscience nagging on my conscious to stop blogging and go to sleep. And... nothing else.

I should be blogging of HELP Law Olympiad I went today, and I met Julian Gan Some Thing who is now studying in BU where guys wear super yeng ie black pants black shoes grey tie, and the nasi lemak lunch they provided. Or about the party I didn't attend today. (Oh, yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIAO LING!) Or about the HELP Psychology Challenge essay I actually managed to compose in like less than 4 hours and submit at 11.59pm (or that's what the computer clock said).

Or about the silent elephant glue thing Larry did on Wednesday OMG seriously damn cool hahahaha. Or the prom idea us girls were discussing about, and then discarding it. Or our MUET results. Or Larry and JT actually thinks I'm wild like wtf?!. Or the super kaching rate of developing digital photos :( Or the 2-day book fair held in school just last week. Or the funny way my brain actually works, and that amuses me even after a few months.

Or my failure to kill a mosquito just a few seconds ago grrr I hate mosquitoes.

But only this one line explains what I really feel right now, and want to say.

I feel so effing stupid.

(No. Don't ask. Let me grieve alone for the (temporary, hopefully) farewell of my rationality.)

Mmmm yes there is something else that I wanna write here, something Larry, Miao Ling and I were discussing that Wednesday at the Chemistry lab.

He asked for what would girls, who have never had a relationship before, do when there is a chance for one. Will they be very careful before entering the relationship, or will they just plunge into it like a starfish?

Trivia of the day night:
Starfish has no brain.

Which got me thinking: Is this the reason old virgins exist??!!! (To Sime: HAHAHAHA.)

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