Blood donation & F6 Orientation

>> Tuesday, 14 July 2009




I sacrificed my first time to CHS.

I DONATED BLOOD! XDD Due to my weight (1KG HEAVIER T________T) I only required to donate 300ml of blood. First the doctor checked my blood pressure and pulse, then I moved on to the nurses to check my blood type and haemoglobin count. I then proceeded to take a bucketful of stuff that would contain my dark red blood later.

The nurse asked me to squeeze on a kidney-shaped thingy hard, and when she found my vein she poke a needle into it, and there was a swell. I was fascinated as there was no blood! She then inserted a needle into the swell and blood came gushing out into the tube. She filled two tubes and a small pack with my blood first, then to the large pack containing water and chemicals (yes I read labels).

And time passed really quickly as I chatted and laughed (the nurse had to ask me not to LOL too much LOL!) and when the nurse came to collect my blood I was like, "Harh?! Cepat sangat!" as the guy beside me, who also donated the same amount of blood as I, hadn't finished yet.



In my opinion this year's orientation for the lower sixers was better than last year's, probably because H2O is involved, and a lot of them :DDD

We started with the Chicken Dance to start off the morning! After water splashing at the field we were divided into 9 teams to play station games.

After all the station games (lazy to type + no photos but it was funnn) we played limbo XD

(Clockwise L-R) Fei Ching!, YC, Jeen, Han Yong

And we have a Limbo King and Limbo Queen:

Shi Ning, Tze Siang

Aaand check out the awards for the station games:

(Clockwise L-R) Most Uncooperative; Most Boring; Most Zhadou; First; Last; Third; Noisiest; Second

Miss Lower 6, L. Hui Yee, with her Angel U-Phun.

Miss Upper 6, Melissa, with Jensen

Best Angel award nominees: U-Phun (Xixili), ZH (XD, Kurama), Ding Sheng (Adidas), YH (Cheesecake, Sloggi)

Just in case you were wondering, we also have Blush and La Senza in our class.

And the award goes to...

ZH (XD, Kurama)!

While the Best Mortal Award goes to Chee Han.

Miao Ling (Julius), Chee Han, Teresa (Big Bird)

Guess what award my group got?

The Most Uncooperative Group Award HAHAHAHA.
(Clockwise L-R) Chai Waa, Ping Yeng, May, K. Hui Yee, Zee, Ann Ning, Larry/Patrick Loh, Ki Hoong. MIA: Yen Fern, Yan Ping

Jeen (Jade) and I (Nine9) with our Mortal, Fei Ching

Larry/Patrick Loh's socks, anterior and posterior view.

Kar Yee (The Secret) with Ping Yeng. PY and her twin sister make fabulous pastries! Yess I have the honour to taste them :P

With my cousins Charlotte and Aimee. We don't look alike laaa -.-;;

YC (Constaine) and me with our 1/2 Mortal Chun Hui. (I got Win Zee and a pink balloon from him :D)

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