Relay for Life '09

>> Monday, 8 June 2009

Because I Love You, Yiruma

Being as outdated as everrrr I just discovered the goodness of Picasa.


Ah I'll just skip Sports Day and Teachers' Day celebration since it was so last month.

Relay for Life, it is :)

It's an event held by the National Cancer Society of Malaysia on cancer awareness. It's the fourth year they are holding this. The main thing about this event is that for 16 hours there should be at least one person walking on the track.

These people in orange are cancer survivors. Somehow, looking at their :D it's hard to imagine they've suffered.

See the stickers on their orange shirt? It's a sticker for us to stick on these cancer survivors to tell them that they're champions :) And the lady in the middle was a teacher in CHS.

CHS representatives from Interact Club

At 8pm the event officially started with prayer and stuff, and Illuminaria bags lit around the track to commemorate those who have died of cancer.

Participants walked the track, carrying candles, behind a man blowing Scottish pipe.

There were many booths on the field, one of it was specially dedicated for the artistically inclined.


Paint a bag for RM5,

A smile before Jeen continues her serious painting business! :)

Or paint ice-cream sticks for free, if you're kiamsiap as many of us :P

All these people (YH, Jeen, JT, Edison, CYP, JJ - I think I missed out some other people too) semua pergi yamcha in the middle of the event, and terslept at Jeen's house. Tsk!

There was Miss Relay Pageant, where guys dress up as Miss Relay pageants.

Miss IForgotHerName as second runner-up; Miss IForgotHerNameTooButSheShamesUsGirls as champion; Miss Shake-a-bum-bum as first runner-up, who happens to be my fave! :D

No. I stayed up all night, along with my sis, Little May (who dozed for a few minutes) and YHY, who participated in the Endurance Race, where he ran for 1 1/2 hours, OMG.

In the middle of the night there were aerobics,

pillow fight, (of which May and I intended to join but lazy hahaha)

A toad hopping at 6AM. Eh, what to do. Biology student.

After breakfast consisting of Nesvita, cereal Milo distributed free - man I love all these trucks - we proceeded to yoga and qigong.

Aaaaand the Chicken Dance! XDD

See how happy the boy is!

We didn't stay till the end of the event. May had to leave cuz her sis had tuition later; YHY was too tired; and my sis didn't want to stay longer. I was tired but I still didn't feel like resting.

Well. I compensated for that lack of sleep for 2 days. Lol.



Not like he's super cute or anything but. :P

Cheerios. Check out other photos in FB and my Picasa web album.

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