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>> Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hi. It's been a long time. Effing exam :(

First, nerd stuff.

Exam has been disastrous. I wasn't giving my full 110% focus, before and during the exam. And for that I'm flushing all my results and potential future down the toilet bowl, into the ocean, to feed the fishes.


And now that after I've settled certain things IT is coming back.

Good to have this feeling back.


Relay for Life was fun. Initially there was a huge gang of us, mana tau 3/4 of them slept over at someone else's house after minum teh -.-;; So whoever left stayed up all night to talk, walk, talk, and walk. Oh and singing nursery rhymes, get free Milo, decorating someone up hehehe. Staying up was fun, but not the side effects -.-;;

WHO'S UP FOR FAMINE 30 SOMEONE TEMAN ME TO THE COUNTDOWN we can go makan like there's no tomorrow after the starvation k?

Oh there are many photos. And I'm lazy to resize and upload them. So. Hahaha. Wait for them la, they'll be up... someday. Somehow. You know. As for some more explicit photos, do look for me personally, I'll gladly give them to you, LOL! :P


Have I grown up?


On one fine morning when I was reading Shantaram my mom said I'm logical.

I used to think that logical is a word totally opposite of me, but as I think deeper, maybe I'm not that emotional after all. I mean, fineee, I cry (or at the verge of) when I watch movies or read books or some news (YESSSSS SHADDUP) but at certain things I use my head a little too much, compared to people of my own age.

My brother is freaking a head taller than me! O____O Show you the photo someday. Why on earth does he always give me the impressions that he's shortyshortshort when in actual fact he's quite tall.

Now that he's reaching 170cm can I expect a 175cm tall brother? :DDD

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