I have this sudden urge to...

>> Friday, 10 April 2009

  • revamp my blog.

  • shave bald cut off my hair.

  • go to The Curve. (Honestly, I have absolutely no idea why I love that place so much lol.)

  • sit in front of the comp like a geek whole day.

  • daydream.

  • sleep.

  • curl up in bed and read all day.

  • go to MPH or Borders and read all day.

  • wander around KL aimlessly. (Yeah. I love KL too.)

  • start learning how to make Chinese knots.

  • call up random people and beg them with cute puppy eyes to teach me guitar FOC.

  • sit by the roadside/in a restaurant/at the bench in the shopping mall and look at passer-bys.

  • curi-curi go to Malacca/Perak/A Land Far Far Away and wander around aimlessly.

  • sit by my desk and write, write, and write.

  • go outside and sing my heart out.

  • smile,say 'hello' and compliment a stranger (and maybe nab someone cute hehehe :P)

I have this sudden urge to free myself from whatever that is constraining me.

What is your favourite pet?
You are neat, clean and tidy. You don't like to be pushed around and you won't do something just because you're expected to. You don't live by the rules--you prefer to make up your own instead. If you are interested in an issue, you will find out more about it because you want to, not because you have been told to.


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