>> Thursday, 30 April 2009

Gabriel, Yiruma

I am now struggling to listen to all the songs in a 8GB pendrive. Generally pop doesn't leave an impression on me.


I can totally imagine your reaction Waning when you got the card. I mean, VERY CUTE RIGHT JUST LIKE YOU :DDDD

I mean, the dumpling is so cute I totally had to pet myself on the head for having such talent in arts & crafts and then have a photo with it.

And the price to pay was less-than-5-hours sleep.

Friends come before fugliness!


School magazines are a good source of entertainment.

Ahaha damn 38.

I searched for this senior who graduated just a few years ago, and he still looked exactly the same as he was in 19.

I shall forgive the no-change change as maybe there is insufficient time for one.

I got to know this other senior recently, and I eventually got to know his year of graduation (do NOT attempt this without deep consideration unless you're skilled) so I went to check him out (in the school magazine duh).

Theoretically when a decade has already passed you should've changed quite a lot.

He still looked 90% the same.

Like, o________O

Which, besides jaw-dropping, got me thinking: What if I still look like this 10 years later?

Nooooo. This is NOT sexy enough.

(He said he looked weird in this photo but I looked better here la than in the other one so priority to the blogger. Oh and can you see the black-shirt guy/boy behind us he is currently my latest obsession :DDDD

No la he's not cute physically but he's cute I wish he's my brother he can literally drop YC and my jaws in terms of his age.

Who says you can't have obsessions as young as your brother :P)

Why do some change so drastically when they enter college and why do some still look as if no growth has taken place even after a decade why oh why oh why this is so unfair what if I'm still as unsexy when I'm 27.


In conjunction with Pn. Kok's retirement my mom and I talked about her retirement in the not-so-distant future. So I was like "Mom I'll go pick you up when you retire" then before she could reply I added "then your students will go like 'OMG THAT'S THE DAUGHTER OMG eeyer not pretty wan" and then before she could reply I added again "and the students will go like 'OMG THAT'S THE SON OMG so cuteeeee!"

And that she would prefer an air ticket to anywhere far from Malaysia rather than bonsais.


This post looks so messy -___-;;


Of family.

>> Friday, 17 April 2009

Caught this video in a blog, which nearly made me cry.


I have this sudden urge to...

>> Friday, 10 April 2009

  • revamp my blog.

  • shave bald cut off my hair.

  • go to The Curve. (Honestly, I have absolutely no idea why I love that place so much lol.)

  • sit in front of the comp like a geek whole day.

  • daydream.

  • sleep.

  • curl up in bed and read all day.

  • go to MPH or Borders and read all day.

  • wander around KL aimlessly. (Yeah. I love KL too.)

  • start learning how to make Chinese knots.

  • call up random people and beg them with cute puppy eyes to teach me guitar FOC.

  • sit by the roadside/in a restaurant/at the bench in the shopping mall and look at passer-bys.

  • curi-curi go to Malacca/Perak/A Land Far Far Away and wander around aimlessly.

  • sit by my desk and write, write, and write.

  • go outside and sing my heart out.

  • smile,say 'hello' and compliment a stranger (and maybe nab someone cute hehehe :P)

I have this sudden urge to free myself from whatever that is constraining me.

What is your favourite pet?
You are neat, clean and tidy. You don't like to be pushed around and you won't do something just because you're expected to. You don't live by the rules--you prefer to make up your own instead. If you are interested in an issue, you will find out more about it because you want to, not because you have been told to.



Addicted to-

>> Sunday, 5 April 2009

I am addicted to nonononononograms.

And I've been wasting resources: MASS PRINTING!!!! :DDDD


I am addicted to Estrella's Stay.

I love this line in the song Some Space:
How can I miss you if you don't go away?
If you don't go away from me, can I miss you?

I find it strangely mind boggling.


I am addicted to books. Oh as usual.

I finished Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife yesterday. And I tried hard not to cry :P

Ohhh its movie is due for release this August. I wonder how good it can be, mmm.


A belated happy birthday to U-Phun, bet you had a blast last night :)


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