Yesterday; tomorrow

>> Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Currently: studying Arrhenius equation.


This is 2009's tomorrow, 2008.
March 12th.

Aiyah. Sorry. Wrong photo.

Eh come to think of it I can't remember where I put my hat lol.

*I set the wrong date on my cam la.

Hahaha who cares how many apples we get as long as we have a camera, our hair, a hat from China, insanity and 38ness from China.

And this is 2009's yesterday, 2010.
March 10th.

Does growing a year older makes you more self-conscious? Cuz I wanna be crazy again.

Who's gonna share this insanity with me yesterday, 2010?

Congratulations, don't be sad, and good luck in life.


I damn lazy laaaa. Procrastination causes low productivity lol. My MUET also mati la. I love my essay though! :P

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