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>> Monday, 16 March 2009

Back at One, Brian McKnight

This blog is a dead fish.

Technically my exams just passed. I have MUET speaking tomorrow morning and listening next week.

It's the holidays now. I feel so pathetic cuz I don't know what to do besides... nerding and procrastinating. Oh gawd -.-;;

I have so many books to read, I feel like just curling up in my bed for the whole day and devouring them until they're bone naked. But I can't do that cuz nerds don't do that kinda stuff, even faux nerds.

Uh, actually faux nerds do do that kinda stuff but they can't.

*points at STPM*

Our Inter-Form 6 Games just finished yesterday, don't know what happened to who cuz I didn't participate in the games. I'm a total sucker like a strawberry in sports anything that requires coordination.

I'm craving for sushi now.

Cuz we had sushi for the gathering, I like the sourness of the rice don't know why cuz I never did, and I'm a little hungry now so I wanna eat sushi but my house is like an empty gudang.

I had my driving test just now. I passed the first part, as expected. I love the pegawai who asked me to do the parking he is so super nice! As for the on-the-road, I failed in the way that only I can do it: basically I did not even manage to drive out of the centre HAHAHA OMG it's so funny and silly at the same time I feel like laughing, even right now.


I WANNA DO THE AU PAIR PROGRAMME OMIGOD EUROPE. I now have a reason to learn to cook.

I've found my perfect part-time job: love letter writer. Not that I've written any, but that I think the mushiness I'm able to churn out really makes even myself go goosebumpish I sometimes think I should be a guy weih hahahaha.

So yeah. Please refer to me if you have no inspiration for a love letter and you wanna write one. Kindly give me all details and name of the person (VERY IMPORTANT).

I wanna go swimming. Don't you just love the feeling of H2O and the hydrogen bonds constantly breaking and forming around your (almost) naked body, it feels like happiness, like you're hugged :) I just hope the endometrium wall doesn't slough off this week :/

I am fugly :(

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