>> Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What is it that you have that mesmerises me like the burst of stars? I could get prettier, younger girls anytime, anywhere I want, but it is always you, my dear, who catches my breath when you look at me with the beautiful brown eyes of yours.

I ask you to take my heart, and in return I get sleepless nights filled with you.

Are you treasuring my most important organ, or did you misplace it somewhere and forgotten about it?

I ask for yours, but you are playing catch with me. You run so swiftly, I thought you will fly away like a dove. But all you do is run in circles around me.

You leave me giddy.

Stop running from me, I am right here, beside you. My arms are open wide, wide enough to contain the world, the universe...

And the Universe, that is you.



I spot goosebumps on my arms again *rubs*

DO comment, anything from my English to the abnormality of my brain to my qualification as a love letter writer. Ok seriously I love comments :D

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