>> Friday, 13 February 2009

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OMG! It's Friday 13th!


I get super high on Friday 13th for no reason lol.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day and I'm gonna celebrate it by doing some vigorous exercises for the most an hour and a half.

Not in a closet with another Homo sapiens of another sex (or of your preference) k.

Mmmm people these days are very open-minded you can basically do it in the closet in the open air or even in the bathroom!

Uh, wait, I don't think you can do it in the bathroom unless you wanna risk falling.

Back to the topic, I wonder if I can do it in such a short time.

Genius la, I can't estimate distance at all -.-;;

Listening to Jason Mraz I'm Yours on Youtube makes me wanna stab people. (Larry I'm not yours.)

MARCH 4TH. *stabs*

Oh gawd he's hawt.


I remember YC and I talked about stabbing the other day, can't remember what though.

I only remember that London makes me wanna stab.


Happy V-day / Singles Awareness Day! <3

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