>> Friday, 20 February 2009

All Over You, The Spill Canvas

I used to think that mom and I have no similarities whatsoever despite the fact that half of the chromosomes in my cells are made up of hers.

Obviously I was wrong.

We both suck at probability.

Even Katsudon says so!

Seriously who cares what's the probability of getting a black ball, as long as I get to makan at the end of the day I'm happy.


I feel so guilty la for being online here while everyone are studying / getting their (much needed?) beauty sleep. (Don't have to point at somewhere else at my chatbox my dear classmates lol.)

I feel even guilty to take a short nap on the desk this afternoon while doing probability.

PA, statistics (is it alright to generalise?) and Biology volume 2 have successfully qualify themselves as my lullabies. Like, seriously.

Lagi guilty when the cam is just beside me...


Just in case you forget how I look like when I'm bored and alone :P


I think I'm hungry.

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