>> Sunday, 11 January 2009

It's 3.32AM and here I am blogging.


I realize I do not recognize my priorities and that I am also a true genius.

Yesterday (or the day before yesterday since it's Sunday already) I switched to an unpaid job of plant thief. Uhmm, actually more towards the flower side.

So right I was stealing plants / flowers, filling my bag with plants looking like a flower girl. Taking pictures.

No idea what flower is this looks like African daisy OMG SO PRETTY.

When I was taking this picture of a single dandelion a 4WD slowed down at the corner and the uncle driver was like looking at me.

I looked back at him, giving him a "what never see lenglui squat down by the roadside taking picture of a dandelion ah" expression.

Oh and I was also praying that the battery wouldn't die on me. (It did eventually but it was almost at the end of the day.)

Taking in the so-called sceneries.

OMG RAINBOW! *squeals and takes out cam* Yes that was exactly my reaction at that moment -.-;;

I was taking picture of Madagascar Periwinkle at this huge bungalow and then I crossed the not-so-narrow drain. Think I wasn't careful enough and I, uh, tripped.

Seriously 17-year-old already still can fall like a genius.

When my mom saw that I was treating my wound she squatted down and stared. And then she said, "I can't believe you have the heart to scar such a beautiful leg."

She's more concerned about the leg, you see. I can still jump and run like normal so I understand her concern.


I was famished when I got home but the first thing I did wasn't to further clean my wound or to isi perut. Instead I spent almost 2 hours pressing the flowers cutting off annoying leaves. Cereal was my dinner cuz family wanna eat out and I wanna continue pressing on stupid Bushy Cassia.

Seriously. I think I don't get my priorities right at all.

Thanks :)

Pn. F can I demand for medical allowance I seriously think I deserve it lor cuz I experience blood loss you ma'am as a Biology teacher should understand females shouldn't lose too much blood right oh and I would also like claim more for the damages of brain cells of the Fungi group thank you I shall expect your reply as soon as possible.

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