Super powers

>> Thursday, 24 December 2009

These things once seem like a part of me that cannot be taken away. Now after the horrendous STPM I realise I've lost all these powers that I once had.

  • Blog o_O
  • Take pictures.
  • Sing my heart out.
  • Write. Wtf.
  • Play the piano.
  • :) genuinely.
I feel like Superwoman who has lost her powers and become Spiderwoman.

However I've also gained some new powers.
  • Blank out at any time I want / don't want.
  • Observe. In a way. I think.
  • Produce questions that have no answers. No I don't think of chickens and eggs.
  • Cock my head when the question (see above) pop up in my head.
  • Read the main section while reading the newspaper.
And there are abilities that still remain with me, even after the vegetable STPM.
  • Bite my nails. Grrrr. Not something to be proud of. Kids, do not attempt this AT ALL COSTS >:(
  • Walk relatively faster than normal Homo sapiens lol.
  • Seem to be more indecisive than ever.
There are also skills that I can't have. I think you call it destiny.
  • Drive. HAHA.
  • Play the guitar :(
  • Pronounce French like a French. (Actually I haven't started resume my online French lessons LOL.)
  • Cook to my satisfaction. If food is the reason of my death, I must've died out of boredom (no variety of food) instead of hunger.
  • Penmanship up to my satisfaction.
  • Speak and write perfect English.
  • Understand the difference between 'who' and 'whom'.
Superwoman or Spiderwoman? You I decide ;)


SO LAZY TO LOOK FOR FREE $$ AND UNIS LAAA >:S They jumble up my mind from unruly longevity noodles into springggggy noodles.



>> Friday, 18 December 2009

I am sitting on a red stool with my legs crossed. A woman - curvaceous and sexy and everything I wanna be - lies lazily on my right thigh.

I place my arm on the most voluptuous part of her, my hand on her slender neck, and she does not fidget.

I pull her into me, and she does not reject me.


I am at a slight disadvantage here, though.

Fingers too short hand too small.

My fingers are pulling pressing hard on her heartstrings, yet I still cannot produce the heart-rippin' sound I long for.

Total sighness :(


Alive not dead.

>> Monday, 14 December 2009

Mmm yes it's been a long while. I don't remember how to blog anymore, lol.

Not many happened since August 30th. Several events in school, but yeah, other than that life is was pretty fugly.


Exam season = season of love.

You know how parents get more anxious than you during exam, and the things they do for you, to ensure that you're in your best shape to face the exams?

I feel loved :)

I don't like Chicken Essence even if it contains bird's nest God knows what's in there. Still I forced it down my throat. Tasted horribly salty ughhh high blood pressure in sight.

The hothothot tea my mom brewed for me one day. CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE :)

The last bottle of the chicken's essence yesyesyes I was saving it for Chemistry 1 because the path after this salty yucky thing is a beautiful day with rainbow :D


Ok so I gotta rewind and look for my style as well as muse. I seriously forgot how to blog! O_O

So yes, stay tune folks :) Loves!


Satu Daging, Satu Malaysia *click

>> Sunday, 30 August 2009

Quite recently I've developed this strange love for this country we call Home.

I haven't been to enough countries to think Malaysia is the best place to live in; nor have I fully experience the real Malaysia.

So why this strange love? There are so many things to dislike: our inefficiency, our mindless politicking, our immature attitude of putting ALL the blame on someone else, our childish indecisiveness, our amazing cleanliness, our attitude of all talk but no action, our love-hate relationship with foreign workers, our high crime rates, our wonderfully monstrous drivers, our crazy exam-oriented education system (INSANITY!), our low appreciation for brains which causes brain drain, our cynicism, the way we seem to embrace foreign culture (well fish n' chips and pasta ARE yummy)...

These definitely are enough reasons for me to fleee.

And then there are things that I find it so endearing: our unique Manglish, sinful food (who doesn't love kuihs and rendang :), warm hot humid weather that we never have to worry about, our lackadaisical and tidak apa attitude, our multilingual ability (woohoo!), our (seemingly?) peaceful multicultural society.

Uhmm, anymore?

The flaws outnumber the good I can think of (and remember) of Malaysia. Maybe I take the understanding and respect between people of different races and religion for granted, or maybe I've never noticed the little things that is going around in the country.

I have to agree that the 1Malaysia concept is really really good. I'm still young and naïve in all these "big adult stuff", hence I don't have the cynical eye of Sime. But come on la, at least we have a leader who's good in copywriting eh? XD

As a country 52 is still young but I think that is no excuse for us. Everyone's got to grow up and face the real world some day, and for us that someday may not be that far after all.

I wonder if we're making any progress towards maturity, albeit silently.

Yeah I love cheese and the darling British accent OHGAWD but what the heck, I suka our kuih-muih lagi baik :D Happy Merdeka!

Check out the 15Malaysia videos if you haven't! They're awesome! <3



>> Saturday, 15 August 2009

What the heck la I can't write even write a decent crap.

I am emo I think I have mild depression I want to escape to a place where nobody knows me like ITALY but since that's impossible I now only want to sit in a corner and stare blankly at people with my brain totally blank and think of nothing but blank yes it's actually possible or just be alone and not meet anyone and just do nothing and think nothing but blank I am a panda whose PMS will last till December 10th I apologize sincerely if I did hurt any of you in one way or another I believe I did please forgive my abnormal PMS I am a snail with pimply shell and an empty body filled with useless stuffs I have to hold on to until December 10th what is the definition of best friend I no longer look for temporary happiness eg the rain or (smell of) pastries or a jog I am looking for something that is able to fill up this hole inside permanently rather than just covering it up with cellophane tape that will peel itself off later I feel something's leaking from the hole possibly the something is me why is this blankness so difficult to find.

Sh*t it's 10:59pm I realize I hadn't taken my shower yet hahaha -.-;;



>> Sunday, 26 July 2009

It is late now.

I hear the crickets.

Ok that is a stupid beginning for a story lol mana pergi talent saya.

But yeah. It is late now. And I do hear crickets. And a motorbike just passed. And the wall fan. And me typing. And my conscience nagging on my conscious to stop blogging and go to sleep. And... nothing else.

I should be blogging of HELP Law Olympiad I went today, and I met Julian Gan Some Thing who is now studying in BU where guys wear super yeng ie black pants black shoes grey tie, and the nasi lemak lunch they provided. Or about the party I didn't attend today. (Oh, yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIAO LING!) Or about the HELP Psychology Challenge essay I actually managed to compose in like less than 4 hours and submit at 11.59pm (or that's what the computer clock said).

Or about the silent elephant glue thing Larry did on Wednesday OMG seriously damn cool hahahaha. Or the prom idea us girls were discussing about, and then discarding it. Or our MUET results. Or Larry and JT actually thinks I'm wild like wtf?!. Or the super kaching rate of developing digital photos :( Or the 2-day book fair held in school just last week. Or the funny way my brain actually works, and that amuses me even after a few months.

Or my failure to kill a mosquito just a few seconds ago grrr I hate mosquitoes.

But only this one line explains what I really feel right now, and want to say.

I feel so effing stupid.

(No. Don't ask. Let me grieve alone for the (temporary, hopefully) farewell of my rationality.)

Mmmm yes there is something else that I wanna write here, something Larry, Miao Ling and I were discussing that Wednesday at the Chemistry lab.

He asked for what would girls, who have never had a relationship before, do when there is a chance for one. Will they be very careful before entering the relationship, or will they just plunge into it like a starfish?

Trivia of the day night:
Starfish has no brain.

Which got me thinking: Is this the reason old virgins exist??!!! (To Sime: HAHAHAHA.)


Blood donation & F6 Orientation

>> Tuesday, 14 July 2009




I sacrificed my first time to CHS.

I DONATED BLOOD! XDD Due to my weight (1KG HEAVIER T________T) I only required to donate 300ml of blood. First the doctor checked my blood pressure and pulse, then I moved on to the nurses to check my blood type and haemoglobin count. I then proceeded to take a bucketful of stuff that would contain my dark red blood later.

The nurse asked me to squeeze on a kidney-shaped thingy hard, and when she found my vein she poke a needle into it, and there was a swell. I was fascinated as there was no blood! She then inserted a needle into the swell and blood came gushing out into the tube. She filled two tubes and a small pack with my blood first, then to the large pack containing water and chemicals (yes I read labels).

And time passed really quickly as I chatted and laughed (the nurse had to ask me not to LOL too much LOL!) and when the nurse came to collect my blood I was like, "Harh?! Cepat sangat!" as the guy beside me, who also donated the same amount of blood as I, hadn't finished yet.



In my opinion this year's orientation for the lower sixers was better than last year's, probably because H2O is involved, and a lot of them :DDD

We started with the Chicken Dance to start off the morning! After water splashing at the field we were divided into 9 teams to play station games.

After all the station games (lazy to type + no photos but it was funnn) we played limbo XD

(Clockwise L-R) Fei Ching!, YC, Jeen, Han Yong

And we have a Limbo King and Limbo Queen:

Shi Ning, Tze Siang

Aaand check out the awards for the station games:

(Clockwise L-R) Most Uncooperative; Most Boring; Most Zhadou; First; Last; Third; Noisiest; Second

Miss Lower 6, L. Hui Yee, with her Angel U-Phun.

Miss Upper 6, Melissa, with Jensen

Best Angel award nominees: U-Phun (Xixili), ZH (XD, Kurama), Ding Sheng (Adidas), YH (Cheesecake, Sloggi)

Just in case you were wondering, we also have Blush and La Senza in our class.

And the award goes to...

ZH (XD, Kurama)!

While the Best Mortal Award goes to Chee Han.

Miao Ling (Julius), Chee Han, Teresa (Big Bird)

Guess what award my group got?

The Most Uncooperative Group Award HAHAHAHA.
(Clockwise L-R) Chai Waa, Ping Yeng, May, K. Hui Yee, Zee, Ann Ning, Larry/Patrick Loh, Ki Hoong. MIA: Yen Fern, Yan Ping

Jeen (Jade) and I (Nine9) with our Mortal, Fei Ching

Larry/Patrick Loh's socks, anterior and posterior view.

Kar Yee (The Secret) with Ping Yeng. PY and her twin sister make fabulous pastries! Yess I have the honour to taste them :P

With my cousins Charlotte and Aimee. We don't look alike laaa -.-;;

YC (Constaine) and me with our 1/2 Mortal Chun Hui. (I got Win Zee and a pink balloon from him :D)


INTI Study Trip, 040709

>> Sunday, 12 July 2009

I finally finished Stephen King's Cell, thank you YHY!

It scared the hell outta me during night time. *scream* RAGGEDY MAN!

And it was hell good :D


On the Fourth of July we went to INTI University College, situated in Nilai, for a (very simplified) microbiology lecture.

We were awed by the super high-tech laboratory.

Inside the oven (I forgot what's the proper name -.-;;) where, instead of roasting insects, they incubate bacteria.

Canggih fume chamber.

And we saw something familiar:

The magnetic stirrer!

It was a (very simplified) lecture on restrictive enzyme. We got to try our hands on "very expensive chemicals", as our lecturer, Dr. Geetha said. And since it was "very expensive" we had to do the experiment four in a group.

Lab I with Dr. Geetha

These are the micropipettes we were required to use as the amount of chemicals we need are in micro amount, like, 2 microlitre.

Jeen and micropipettes

All the chemicals (enzymes, bacteria, and other stuff I don't remember) were all inside these little tubes:

(L-R) Kar Yee, May, Jeen, CYP

and now we're going to centrifuge these tubes to ensure that whatever stuff inside were mixed properly.

And you know what nerds take pictures with, don't you :P

(Clockwise L-R) CYP, May, Miao Ling, Jeen, Kar Yee, Zee

Inside the centrifuge

Forgot what this machine is for :P

(Clockwise L-R) Unknown Machine, Angeline, YC, Jeen

After all the processes with canggih machines, gel in the electrophoresis machine and covered with buffer solution, we had to inject (?) the stuff-in-tubes into this gel we made earlier. And it was tough!

Angeline with her shaky hands and micropipette.

We then connected the electrophoresis machine with some voltage thingy.

YC loved this bottle (which I forgot what was initially in there) so much, she thought maybe it would serve as an aquarium.

Can you see the future goldfish? *bloop*

Playing with 95% ethanol, possibly azeotropic mixture lol. (L-R) May, YC, Angeline

Murder in Microbiology laboratory I using a micropipette.

During lunch (nasi sambal and syrup), to celebrate our success. LOL.
(L-R) Jeen, CYP, Miao Ling, YC, Kar Yee, May, Zee

Trip to the library

U-Phun: "May I have your number?"
I love the chairs! :D

We went back to our lab and continued our work. After our gel was done we placed it in the ROCKER!, stained with methylene blue, so that we can see what the heck went on when we were away.

May with THE ROCKER!

See the DNA fragments?

Zee with buffer named after her Z Buffer



Sofia & Win Zee

>> Friday, 3 July 2009

Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Greenday

I've got a new member into my humble cove.

Meet Win Zee.

Now, really, I don't know what you guys think, but I think it's just so effin' adorable X3

So adorable, I absolutely have to have a photo with it.

Love bite

You don't have any excuses to forget my our faces now, hehehe.


A leaf of- WTF?

>> Wednesday, 10 June 2009

When leaves fall; flowers wilt; fruits drop, do the others feel sad of their leaving?
Do they want to hold them back, but unable to?
Do they weep?
Or are they already so accustomed with all these, that they are too tired to bother anymore?

I think, I just successfully amused WTF-ed myself -.-;;


Relay for Life '09

>> Monday, 8 June 2009

Because I Love You, Yiruma

Being as outdated as everrrr I just discovered the goodness of Picasa.


Ah I'll just skip Sports Day and Teachers' Day celebration since it was so last month.

Relay for Life, it is :)

It's an event held by the National Cancer Society of Malaysia on cancer awareness. It's the fourth year they are holding this. The main thing about this event is that for 16 hours there should be at least one person walking on the track.

These people in orange are cancer survivors. Somehow, looking at their :D it's hard to imagine they've suffered.

See the stickers on their orange shirt? It's a sticker for us to stick on these cancer survivors to tell them that they're champions :) And the lady in the middle was a teacher in CHS.

CHS representatives from Interact Club

At 8pm the event officially started with prayer and stuff, and Illuminaria bags lit around the track to commemorate those who have died of cancer.

Participants walked the track, carrying candles, behind a man blowing Scottish pipe.

There were many booths on the field, one of it was specially dedicated for the artistically inclined.


Paint a bag for RM5,

A smile before Jeen continues her serious painting business! :)

Or paint ice-cream sticks for free, if you're kiamsiap as many of us :P

All these people (YH, Jeen, JT, Edison, CYP, JJ - I think I missed out some other people too) semua pergi yamcha in the middle of the event, and terslept at Jeen's house. Tsk!

There was Miss Relay Pageant, where guys dress up as Miss Relay pageants.

Miss IForgotHerName as second runner-up; Miss IForgotHerNameTooButSheShamesUsGirls as champion; Miss Shake-a-bum-bum as first runner-up, who happens to be my fave! :D

No. I stayed up all night, along with my sis, Little May (who dozed for a few minutes) and YHY, who participated in the Endurance Race, where he ran for 1 1/2 hours, OMG.

In the middle of the night there were aerobics,

pillow fight, (of which May and I intended to join but lazy hahaha)

A toad hopping at 6AM. Eh, what to do. Biology student.

After breakfast consisting of Nesvita, cereal Milo distributed free - man I love all these trucks - we proceeded to yoga and qigong.

Aaaaand the Chicken Dance! XDD

See how happy the boy is!

We didn't stay till the end of the event. May had to leave cuz her sis had tuition later; YHY was too tired; and my sis didn't want to stay longer. I was tired but I still didn't feel like resting.

Well. I compensated for that lack of sleep for 2 days. Lol.



Not like he's super cute or anything but. :P

Cheerios. Check out other photos in FB and my Picasa web album.


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