On Christmas day,

>> Thursday, 25 December 2008

I love Christmas.

Not that I actually celebrate Christmas, but that Christmas songs are just so pleasant, so heartwarming, and so innocent. Like chicken soup.

And it was only today that Santa seem like a real person, like everyone believes they'll get something from Santa, but probably not through the chimneys and all.

Ahhhh, childhood.

Don't like the jam and sardine though. Anyways I don't think you cook chicken soup with jam and sardine eh?

I think I fell in love with a Santa who works in Ikea.

What a merry season to fall in love <3

Do you know what he (I'll give he/she/it the benefit of doubt cuz he/she/it was wearing a hideous Santa head) gave me for Christmas besides a blackcurrant sweet?

A rubber snake.

I was smitten.

Arrrgh. ;)


We must SO have prom next year! I mean if you haven't been to a prom during high school you've never been a high school-er and it might as well be the last time we're able to be crazy and merry without being conscious of yourself (i.e. before you turn 20) and-

Fine. I just love the dresses.

Someday I'm gonna rob 1U. You wait for me Shopping Mall Guard sir!

I love Mega Sales.

What recession were you talking about again?


To certain people they thought they read these words on my face:


No offence intended, please don't bash me during this merry season or else you won't get a present from Santa cuz you're NAUGHTY.

Merry X'mas and happy hols :D

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