Happy 2009.

>> Friday, 2 January 2009

Home (Acoustic), Daughtry

I got two super huge super bengkak blue black on my left calf.

Walking will be a burden soon.

What a way to start a new year, boohoo.

I truly enjoyed and appreciate the gathering we had last night, cheers to us :)

Ms. Eggy I know you don't like people telling you this but your dad not bad looking hahaha XD


2008 has been a life-transforming year for me, and I believe for many of us, too.

2009 will be a transition year.

I have no expectations whatsoever to this new year, I just want to live it as best as I could.


I like damn hate exams lor :(


While they claim it was supposed to be a class faster-use-up-all-pizza-vouchers-cuz-they-expire-on-Dec-31st outing only 8 or so people turned up.

Hahaha like damn swtness.

"Because every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball."

Omggggg I literally like melted into a puddle.

And and and Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) is like oh so totally sweet omggg I would've so fallen for him.

I love the way they travel omg damn cool even being reprimanded by insanely sensitive secret agents seem cool I also wanna be locked up.


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