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>> Thursday, 27 November 2008

Apple Pie, Red Umbrella

Happy belated birthday Nobita/Shin Chan!
Happy 17th Esther Wan Isi! I so miss you la!
Happy 17th Qinnymeimei! I miss your cruel sarcasm :D

I received my first ever prank call in my life! XD

Next time get a quieter place yeah? And please la don't call me at such a scary time >_______<


I wanna get a haircut.

I like Pob (even though it's so passé). But I'm afraid my hair will go kaboom :(

You know, like this:

Le sigh.

A very inspirational book. I love. AND RALF HART IS DARN ROMANTIC OMGGGG *melts*

I love Paulo Coelho.

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