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>> Friday, 7 November 2008

白昼, The Chinos 基诺

To 5nuj: Uhmm, hi, haha. Yeah I have a chatbox, check out the left sidebar. Eh wait I think I know who you are.

This blog is no longer personal.

I hate that.

While bloggy was never exactly my second self; it's more like a public place for me to rant, to express thoughts that in words rather than by mouth.

I am never good at output. Go me.

No I don't feel emo right now (though I sound like it haha). Melancholic. Sort of bluish grey.

I feel so overwhelmed these days.

And whenever I feel that way I'll write down a list of things I should be doing / completing.

Apparently the list isn't very long.

Why, I wonder.

After preserving Little C generation I and II and Big C (YC's cockroach which I consider the BEST one I've ever done) I still have phobia for our dear little resilient friends. But I no longer see insects as plainly just insects.

I see them as specimens. And I picture how beautiful they'll look when they're dead.

Some things are better dead.

Was randomly Googling

I still hate plants.

And apparently a cockroach was named after me *glares* Funny that I don't feel angry when it's downright degrading.

I don't understand myself, why I'm being so damn angelic good.

I'm still considering English Literature. The thought of writing difficult English words is scary.

And, uh, Shakespeare, hahaha *weak laugh*

Yay results. Note the sarcasm.

Seriously. I do not give a damn about my results. Eh, well, not that I don't entirely care about what I get. Definitely, it's hard NOT to be bothered about the digits, and it's not just the matter of the exam-oriented culture here.

Exams is not the end of the world. There is still so much world out there waiting for us to explore.

Like, GO TO ISRAEL. Ok fine somewhere nearer: GO TO CAMBODIA FOR CHEAP FRENCH.

My life is perfectly simple. Fineeeee I'm lifeless :X

Rumours don't bother me. Much. Not that I'm used to it (HAHAHA PERASANNYA XD). I believe that as long as I'm true to myself, what people think of me doesn't matter. Much.

Thank you JT for making my life so wonderful with your wonderful remarks -.-;;

DO YOU KNOW THAT FLASHERS ACTUALLY EXIST. I thought they're mythical. Seriously.

They're as real as flash lights!

I feel like listening to a new genre of a language other than Chinese and English.

Except that I don't know where to start.

No New Age no electronica no metal no freakish genre eg. Death Wave or Pagan Rock (like, wtf? o_O)

Recommend me something that you think I'll like. I like certain rock (don't ask me what kind cuz I don't know either), certain jazz / lounge / folk / acoustic (God knows what difference do they make). Something with a pretty album cover :) and not mainstream, unless you think it's really good melodic- and lyrical-wise. Cuz good melody and great lyrics are what makes a superb song.

And when I thought the class is already quite happening... The class is actually SUPER happening O_O Sort of.

Do you know that the boys actually vote for the girl in class they think is pretty.

Hahaha. Class politics.

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