>> Saturday, 29 November 2008

Time Capsule Rose in many Colors

The reason I watched this movie was cuz many celebrities list this as one of their favourites.

Heck. It was disturbing. And it was good.

You should've seen how these two actors switched personalities. Although only for 10 minutes or so but they segued to the next person like it's the most natural thing for them.



My mouth tastes weeeird :S

Ughhhh I hate medicine.

Apparently when I'm sick I can't play the piano. And that's irritating, gah.

And I'm hungwee :S


I love you too, hahaha

>> Thursday, 27 November 2008

Apple Pie, Red Umbrella

Happy belated birthday Nobita/Shin Chan!
Happy 17th Esther Wan Isi! I so miss you la!
Happy 17th Qinnymeimei! I miss your cruel sarcasm :D

I received my first ever prank call in my life! XD

Next time get a quieter place yeah? And please la don't call me at such a scary time >_______<


I wanna get a haircut.

I like Pob (even though it's so passé). But I'm afraid my hair will go kaboom :(

You know, like this:

Le sigh.

A very inspirational book. I love. AND RALF HART IS DARN ROMANTIC OMGGGG *melts*

I love Paulo Coelho.


Nobita's BBQ

>> Monday, 17 November 2008

End Creditouilles


HAHAHAHAHA can't believe you guys actually believe the Qi Xiong who left the message is actually him XDDDD

Ok anyways to add more fun to it: My dear dear Nobita please ask me and YC out to The Cave someday for dinner you belanja k :D

Dearest Larry / Patrick Starfish, whom I've mentioned in a few entries. A full-bodied 1/2 person. Oh, btw, the dent on the cake was created by his sexy nose LOL.

L6S attendance 15/23. We did not think of pakating to wear green / black / white / birthday suit, unlike L6A...

Oh oh oh and I must must must show you the guy who calls us 'babes' just cuz it sounds very uncle-ish of him to call us girls 'girls' and it's wrong to call us 'guys'. That's what he thinks anyway.

Future Datuk SIME DARBY!

(L-R) Chris, YC, KY, Nobita

Eh who shot this ah I like weih so sexy XD And what on earth were they doing there lol.

(Iish photobucket damn slow)

Nobita's brother, Nobita's Pn. TCT-look-alike mom seriously I think she looks like Pn. TCT don't you think so

HAHAHAHAHA this photo is super out-of-place XDD I wonder what the photographer said, who was the photographer?


Anyways Now that I know how Nobita reacts I have someone to bully yay! even though I'm the one being bullied too XDDD

Sorry la I memang suka bully orang.

Oh did I tell you I know how to play mahjong?


Thank you everyone for being so overreacted of my emoness hahaha. Emoness goes away fairly quickly for me la so don't worry (if you are) :D

Goodbye. Happy holidays.


2200; 151108; Nobita / Shin Chan's house

>> Saturday, 15 November 2008

(Fuzzy Wuzzy aka Sexy Winzy Fuzzy Wuzzy)

Current location: Nobita / Shin Chan's house
Current event: BBQ / Larry's birthday, uh, party?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY who will turn 18 on the 17th November.

Larry is my imagination friend. Also known as 1/2 person. He helps me in my MUET speaking test rather unsuccessfully.

I drank 1 1/2 can of Apple flavoured shandy OMG I like weih I think I can train myself to drink wine to be classier.


Ok fine I'm inspirationless hence the uh "low-quality" post. Blog later. Haha.


Shut up

>> Wednesday, 12 November 2008

High Hopes in Velvet Ropes, The Cab

Hi. See me emo, cynical, sarcastic.

Today: 8 which I heard. I believe there are more.

Let us see how the number evolves tomorrow.

I am not being a coward. I just don't know how to be assertive.

In short, I have low EQ.


Tried to analyse, no idea why I hate it, but I just do.

Heck, it's not even real. As far as I'm concerned.

If what said is true, and the so-called efforts are made to create sparks, then, ha ha, sorry to say, but it's just creating a reversed effect.

On an entirely different (and definitely much lighter) note, I gotta learn how to smile.



Do re mi fa so.

>> Friday, 7 November 2008

白昼, The Chinos 基诺

To 5nuj: Uhmm, hi, haha. Yeah I have a chatbox, check out the left sidebar. Eh wait I think I know who you are.

This blog is no longer personal.

I hate that.

While bloggy was never exactly my second self; it's more like a public place for me to rant, to express thoughts that in words rather than by mouth.

I am never good at output. Go me.

No I don't feel emo right now (though I sound like it haha). Melancholic. Sort of bluish grey.

I feel so overwhelmed these days.

And whenever I feel that way I'll write down a list of things I should be doing / completing.

Apparently the list isn't very long.

Why, I wonder.

After preserving Little C generation I and II and Big C (YC's cockroach which I consider the BEST one I've ever done) I still have phobia for our dear little resilient friends. But I no longer see insects as plainly just insects.

I see them as specimens. And I picture how beautiful they'll look when they're dead.

Some things are better dead.

Was randomly Googling

I still hate plants.

And apparently a cockroach was named after me *glares* Funny that I don't feel angry when it's downright degrading.

I don't understand myself, why I'm being so damn angelic good.

I'm still considering English Literature. The thought of writing difficult English words is scary.

And, uh, Shakespeare, hahaha *weak laugh*

Yay results. Note the sarcasm.

Seriously. I do not give a damn about my results. Eh, well, not that I don't entirely care about what I get. Definitely, it's hard NOT to be bothered about the digits, and it's not just the matter of the exam-oriented culture here.

Exams is not the end of the world. There is still so much world out there waiting for us to explore.

Like, GO TO ISRAEL. Ok fine somewhere nearer: GO TO CAMBODIA FOR CHEAP FRENCH.

My life is perfectly simple. Fineeeee I'm lifeless :X

Rumours don't bother me. Much. Not that I'm used to it (HAHAHA PERASANNYA XD). I believe that as long as I'm true to myself, what people think of me doesn't matter. Much.

Thank you JT for making my life so wonderful with your wonderful remarks -.-;;

DO YOU KNOW THAT FLASHERS ACTUALLY EXIST. I thought they're mythical. Seriously.

They're as real as flash lights!

I feel like listening to a new genre of a language other than Chinese and English.

Except that I don't know where to start.

No New Age no electronica no metal no freakish genre eg. Death Wave or Pagan Rock (like, wtf? o_O)

Recommend me something that you think I'll like. I like certain rock (don't ask me what kind cuz I don't know either), certain jazz / lounge / folk / acoustic (God knows what difference do they make). Something with a pretty album cover :) and not mainstream, unless you think it's really good melodic- and lyrical-wise. Cuz good melody and great lyrics are what makes a superb song.

And when I thought the class is already quite happening... The class is actually SUPER happening O_O Sort of.

Do you know that the boys actually vote for the girl in class they think is pretty.

Hahaha. Class politics.



>> Saturday, 1 November 2008

Happy birthday, Sis and Cousin Vee :)

Happy grad fellow juniors and seniors, happy examing :D

Heroes, William Joseph

Piano backed with a 72-piece orchestra. This ain't bad. I've never listened to Maksim so I can't make comparisons la. Anyways he looks cute haha.


Initially preserving Little C is disgusting. Grasshoppers look much better mannn. But it gets fun eventually.

And I banyak tangan sangat accidentally ruined one of Little C's antenna.

Genius la. Now I have a legitimate sane excuse to preserve Little C II hehehe.

And future flies.

Seeing it struggling due to the extremely pungent ethyl acetate makes my heart ache. Too bad though; the process after that is fun.

I think I make a good doctor hahaha.

Dr. Ching Siu Jeen the Honey is damn kind. And pro in preserving. I think she makes a good doctor too. So is Dr. Seng Zuo Hao aka Er Hu's hubbie.

Speaking of doctor, now I feel like being a doctor. Genius la I dropped Physics already :/ Funny that the thought is taking root in my mind, deeper, when I've stopped watching House, M.D. (more like stopped watching TV).


AND OMG DRYOPTERIS :X Still cannot find a perfect one la. Either it putrefies or I'm unsatisfied or I banyak tangan.

I'm like Thousand Hand Guan Yin hahahaha.


Estranged's Remain Unknown is not so bad. Just cuz I couldn't get Estrella's Estrella and/or Jerome Kugan's Songs for a Shadow. Yeah. I'm still cravin'.

I seriously believe MalaysiaNs boleh.

JJ's Sixology is more creative this time around. Love the diversity. Sadly his fashion sense ain't that, eh, sane. BUT HE'S STILL CUTE LA OMG FEEL LIKE BITING HIS KAWAII FACE LIKE AN APPLE.

Sorry. Have this abnormal to urge to bite on kawaiiness. I'll be a bad mother. (Eh my kids if I ever have will definitely be adorable like his mommy k.)

Paulo Coelho's Like the Flowing River is, uh, no idea. I just, uhmm, am insane about him right now. Hehe.

Lung Yingtai & Son's Dear Andreas. I've been seeking for this book for like AN ETERNITY. I love the Popular auntie laa *hugs*

I'm broke laaa :(


Thomas Godoj is a Polish and I love the German songs he sang in this album, which there are a few. And German sounds nice LOL. I like foreign languages cuz they sound so foreign and unknown.


Mom bought guitar for bro OMG YESSSSS GUITAR.

I'm torturing my fingers though. I can't even do a decent C chord.

Genius la little hands -_____-;;



Cousin Vee's in LOVE! I remember some time ago she thought I was insane for crushing on humans. And now she's like what, PDA?

Wonder what's it like to crush on humans. Seriously la life is damn bland without a crush o____O I think I've been complaining about this since last year lol. I'm a blank piece of paper.

Hahahaha. I remember Schwann asked me "What if a guy asks you to stay with him tonight" (over super corny lyrics from Yuna Ito's Endless Story lyrics that YH is suddenly interested in) and I said "Oh ok la let's study" and he was like "DENG" and then he asked again "Study what" I said "Anything except Biology".

Mmmm. Chemistry ain't bad. LOL.


Extremely extremely catchy folk pop (but less catchy than Mika). I loveylove the opening Ok, It's Alright With Me! Love the psychedelic album cover too. Reminds me Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion but I like this one better :D


I want to form an a capella group. Cuz YC loves a capella and she told me about it and I go "OMG I LOVE A CAPELLA OMG DAMN NICE LA" and YC suggests to form an a capella group and I told her "OMG YES YES SURE SURE" and I start humming some familiar random tune.

I hv micophobia. I'm more comfortable singing without a mic.

I wanna form a speaking group. Cuz my speaking sux like, sux :( Schwann was damn convincing k. And I was adamant about keeping my stand haha damn stubborn. May said he was nervous, I wasn't sure. He spoke the most but it felt more like TEACHING instead of DOMINATING lol. Teachers' Syndrome?

And my mind just go blankablankblank like magic *poof* haha genius -__________-;;

Overall I'm satisfied with my exam results la, still got lotsa room for improvement.



The Internet is a big plate of cake intended for sharing cuz no-one owns it.


I overheard this album in Rock Corner in The Curve / Ikano (no sense of direction la sorry). Yeah I went lone ranger shopping haha. A very nice lounge album to be listened to while studying Chemistry in the heat of a Saturday afternoon :P

Seriously. I think lounge music is best listened to in the afternoon.


Hmmmm. Maybe I shall compose THE Requirements '08 list or something cuz I am inspired haha. Mmmm, maybe the future posts. If I can come out with something. So that you guys won't have a hard time hunting one for me, so considerate of me.

Paulo Coelho's The Way of the Bow is very Zen-ish, and very inspiring. I HEART THE INTERNET LA.

All Over Now, Eric Hutchinson


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