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>> Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Meet Cream Puff. Above is future not-so-fair Soo Wincci. Yeah, I have a collection of her baby photos. Not sure whether I have her naked *gasp* baby photos though.


I am sick.


Form 6 is cloning pandas like stem cells.

I am down with a cold - running nose, sore throat.

Arrrgh. I hate being sick. Makes me emo. Cuz I'm unproductive.

And I realize that emo and productivity goes hand in hand, at least in my case. When I'm emo, I'm super unproductive. And when I'm super unproductive, I'm emo. Which leads to being MORE emo.

It's a crazy chain reaction, baby.

And I've been getting bad quality sleep - imagine waking up at 5.55am when the clock is gonna ring at 6! And I can't go back to sleep cuz I'm afraid I'll miss school... which is, uhmm, weird for me as I'll gladly skip it o_O


This year end exam has made me realize of my genius. I think my genius gene has been unlocked.

  1. I freaking skipped a 9-mark question in Maths. However I only know how to do a small part, which probably will earn me only 2 more marks, if I have done it. Hahaha.
  2. I freaking have not enough time for MUET essay! Stupid graph.
  3. PA's angkasa lepas essay reminds me of only one thing: a waste of kachings. And Dr. Moo Moo Shake who now seems a little awkward due to "past relationship". Seriously I wanted to write that down. Later that I wrote down fullerene. Go Chemistry.

Hahaha. Dr. Moo Moo Shake. Wonder if he contains melamine.

  1. I absolutely have no idea how I'm gonna pass Maths mannn. If I fail it's like a disgrace to my family weih O_________O (Only applicable in my situation)
  2. I can't possibly pass Physics.

Ooh. Nurikabe. Cool.


Oh, I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, btw.

It's SO DARN GOOD. Even better than The Kite Runner!

It's a miracle I actually finish a book that I own (with exception of Chinese books cuz I read Chinese much faster than I read English) XD


Eternity. Hmm.

Wonder how's it like.

I don't get the concept of time. Nor do I get the concept of love. (I'm not unloved. You can love me if you wanna :D)

I only understand happiness: the warm cozy fuzzywuzzy feeling you get in the heart when you take the first (and only the first) bite into the hot Mexican bun; when you stand under the light drizzle; when your Angel gives your PB biscuits or guitar tabs :D; or even when strangers greet you "hello" with a smile :)


Lol when did the talk of getting a FOC bodyguard turns into getting a boyfriend lol. Maybe someday I'll compile a list like this, of THE Requirements.

Oh quite some time ago I dug out my so-last-year THE requirements, and the shallowness makes me LOL and surprises me at the same time at how immature I was (not that I've matured LOL). Show you some day, perhaps the next post, pinky promise.





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