Double-standard THE Requirements '07

>> Sunday, 26 October 2008

As promised, here is THE Requirements '07. It's really childish but what the heck, Win Zee '07 is here for you to laugh at.

Funny how I look at my 16-year-old self as childish when we're just a year apart.


Win Zee's List of Do's & Don'ts for Guys (Haha WTF)

  1. No smoking!!!!

  2. Seriously, smoking ain't cool at all. And stinky. However now that I understand the need of "social smoking" I guess I'll be a little loose on requirements... but really they stink.

  3. No taking drugs!!!!

  4. It's like, duh. Why must I re-emphasise on this haha.

  5. Not perverted!!!! (Like Pang Wayne OMG)

  6. Whaaaat I pretty much only hang around girls for the past what 16 years? and all my cousins treat me like a kid so I didn't know being pervert is in their genes hahaha XD Anyways I'm just being double standard (I think) here teehee :P Anyways I probably meant pervert a la Pang Wayne. No, you don't wanna know how sick he is. And he stinks, not due to smoking. Hahaha XD

  7. Not flowery heart!

  8. Loyalty la. Probably I'll allow him to look at hot girls cuz I look at hot guys. And hot girls. I am slightly bisexual LOL. Oh and I'll allow him to have celebrity crushes cuz I have too lol.

  9. No swearing (list of swear words too explicit to be posted)

  10. For certain swear words I'm just being double standard myself. I mean, I use some, just online. I guess you could call it swearing. I'm a good girl k XD But really this requirement is just plain stupid - I might as well date a priest LOL. As long as he's generally polite I don't mind a little. Just a teeny weeny little.

  11. Don't drink too much (though I prefer NOT)

  12. And again it's me being double standard. Cuz I wanna learn to love wine! And really alcohol ain't nothing big. And then there is social drinking. As long as he doesn't get too addicted.

  13. Playful

  14. Preferable nice voice & not tone deaf/flat

  15. Karaoke ain't exactly a place I like to enter (though I don't mind, don't exclude me from future K-trips XD); I would prefer just singing aloud while walking around KL city centre (I LOVE WALKING IN KL!). And I need someone to do it with me. I LOVE MAGNETIC VOICE. And I don't really mind people who are tone deaf or sound flat la but sorry la I have a tendency to laugh at you XD

  16. Sociable, friendly, smiles :)

  17. Just cuz.

  18. Talk about everything and nothing

  19. Talking comes with the XX package. While silence can't be all that uncomfortable (I'm perfectly comfortable with most silences), I just like talking to the extend that sometimes I get annoyed with myself o____O And I like listening to stories! :D

  20. Independent, hardworking, responsible!, mature?

  21. I have no idea why I listed this cuz I'm clueless about the definition of the super huge words LOL.

  22. Knowledgeable

  23. Not machoistic

  24. DUH.

  25. Italian/Jap

  26. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Whaaaat don't all of us just lurrrve HAWTness XDDD

  27. Musically/artistically/literature-ly inclined :D

  28. Too high a standard haha. And anyway I'm not even good at any of those things. Playing the piano and singing at random moments and doodling and reading does not imply that I'm artistically inclined. So. Yeah. Double standards of me again.

Conclusion: Win Zee is/was double standard. Therefore Win Zee is an authentic Malaysian.


As for THE Requirements '08 I don't exactly have a clue. Mainly because I don't know what I want, and need. The basics are there, definitely. Like, willing to teman me to walk around KL once in a while XD Don't ask me why la, I really love the blingish atmosphere despite all the carcinogenic rubber dusts. Ooh and all the ang mohs XDDD


Okay it's over so shut up already stop laughing XD

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