>> Monday, 27 October 2008


Marianne, Matt Wertz

I'm in a super good mood right now, even my MSN status is online.

Very rare indeed.

What's funny is that whenever I feel like talkin' nobody does.


Not that I'm complaining, cuz I'm content with Matt Wertz and BOOKS.

I'm crazy about Paulo Coelho (but I haven't start reading his book haha).

I feel like reading the Bible. Not converting k; I just like stories.

I drank a cup of green tea last night and I ended up sleeping at 4 O_____O Whaaat caffeine never affected me except for once, when I tried something caffeinated i.e. cappuccino at night.

I realize caffeine makes my mind hyperactive. Wheee~!

I'm thinking of writing a novel. Feeling like it.

Remember my writing heyday XDDD Crazy immature romantic times. Check out this and this. LOLable.

This Moodstream thingy is so cool. Patience is a virtue.

I'm in a shopaholic mood. GIMME CASH CREDIT CARD CAR. LOL.

I'm broke and I don't know where I spent my money :(

Currently planning a lone ranger trip to get broke. Sigh my kachings.

Seriously, I gotta start studying... but I'm so lazy. I've never felt so freee after an exam. Yeah now you know how much I've studied in the past, heh.

I wanna take up a new language. Like French, or Italian, or Spanish, or Japanese.

I wanna cook. Hahahaha. Serious face. Been watching AFC a lot and reading looking at pictures at cookbooks cuz I LOVE FOOD. In a way.

Okay fine I do love food. Whenever I watch programmes on food recommendations and trips, I will go like, "Mom, let's go to Singapore and go for food trip." Of course the more oft-said is "Mom let's go to Cambodia for cheap French."

I'm so lazy la these days, damn lazy to exercise, I feel soooo faaat :( The fat receptor's acting up again.

I want yoga.

I want ballroom dancing OMG *melts*

Selenium is an antioxidant! XD Mama Goh said so.

And Nurikabe is funnnn. Though I'm not quite sure how exactly it's played hahaha.

Happy holidays, happy Deepavali, f*ck coakcroaches and flies.

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