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>> Wednesday, 10 September 2008

(Almost) everyone in L6S blogged about the potato experiment yesterday.

I cut my thumb! Lost about 0.5ml of oxygenated blood lol.

Well so potato ain't much of a problem, I nearly bit into it (sorry, can't stand potatoes / apple-like thing), or drank the sucrose solution.

Sorrs, food-potential apparatus/materials.

Ah, yes, regarding the potatoes.

"Stripping the potato."

Mmmmmm. Stripping.



Owh yeah, I watched Camp Rock on Disney Channel.

And you know what a girl is gonna blog about when she wanna blog about Camp Rock.

Demi Lovato as Mitchie

She has amazing vocal, I like hers better than Miley Cyrus hehs, and I love her hairstyle and hair colour and gosh she's so cute in the movie.

She even has a cool last name! XD

Man. She's hawt.

*sigh* I hate Hollywood.

Camp Rock is another false-hope-for-romance supposed-to-feel-good depressing Disney movie about music (NOT a musical).

Joe Jonas as Shane Gray, lead singer of Connect 3

You know, like High School Musical, but more depressing, when it involves a kinda cute guy (less cute than Zac Efron) who is filled with kachings and is a star. And kinda cute.

You know what I mean, don't you.

*drools over so damn cliché puppy love story*

(Zac Efron has the most electrofying pair of blue/green eyes EVER! I'll ignore his obsession with his hair.)

Still still still.

I think Nick's the cutest :) He has cute curls, like how Mika has sexy curls XDDD

Don't ask me why curls, cuz I have no idea either. I don't usually go gaga over guys' curls.

Kevin, Joe, Nick Jonas

This is the only picture of the Jonas Brothers which I can differentiate Joe and Kevin. Most of the time I can't.

And guys in tux are just super dashing.

And I don't like the vocal, whoever it is. So whiny laaa.

Still, looks is all that matters isn't it.

SIGH. *stares into mirror*


My skin says I'm deprived of sleep X( I'm ugly and OMG MY MOM JUST SAID I BECOME FATTER.

Run, Fat Girl, Run! *huff and puff*

I wanna watch all Rachel Weisz's movies!


It's official. I ain't an essayist XD

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