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>> Saturday, 27 September 2008

Technically, it's September 27 right now.

So, happy 18th Edison :) Oh yeah we were same age for a day it's so cool XDDD


I don't feel like blogging these days. Okay more like I don't feel like going online.

NO I'M NOT A NERD! It's just that the virtual world has lost its charm :/


After watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and (still) reading Kafka on the Shore I wanna get a cat. A tabby cat.

Cuz I can't get big cats like tiger and lion.

Cats look easier to manage than dogs. And they can actually be cute. Lol.

I'm lazy la k. That's why it rhymes with my name.

Reading Kafka on the Shore makes me wanna pack the essentials and let everything go, just experience the world as it is.

Sorry. I tend to be a little idealistic.


I'm a movie buff. I have a loooong list of to-watch movies. I browse Rotten Tomatoes and isoHunt more than I browse FB.

Initially I wanted to download Lust/Caution, but I decided not to.

I mean, the reason I wanna watch Lust/Caution = the reason I watched Brokeback Mountain. Which is, of course, pretty shallow, ahem.

Though, if I have the chance, I'll definitely watch it.

*shrugs* Natural curiosity. Can't blame it. We are humans, after all.

I realize I'm attracted to movies with super nice titles. Like Requiem for a Dream, Before Sunrise, My Blueberry Nights, In Bruges.

Do you know that Bruges is in Belgium and is one of the most well-preserved cities in Europe?

Sigh. So many movies, so little time. So many countries...

I've been looking for a damn Dryopteris, I can even remember the way it looks. It's a miracle k, looking at how extremely bad I am with memories. Please be more considerate around an Alzheimer's patient.

I just ate 2 small apples. I'm hungry.

It's 0217am. I NEED to catch up with sleep, skin in super gawddamn bad condition, I literally look like I'm related to a panda.

I don't feel like talking. I think the Appear Offline status in MSN Messenger is the best damn thing Microsoft has ever invented.


*stares into mirror and freaks out*

I am Jeen's honey, Jeen is my sugar. Jeen is permanent to me.
Kar Yee is May's babe/dear/yet to be named, May is Kar Yee's sweetheart, but I call her darling cuz it just naturally slips off my mouth. Kar Yee and May are temporary to me.

Aiyoyo! Rectangle love ah!

Apparently even when 2/3 of the class are guys there is a tendency of homosexuality among the girls. (Okay just the four of us.)


By just reading Nicolekiss's post on Oreo checkers I can already taste Oreo in my mouth. And salivate. Like Pavlov's dog.

Arrkkkk! *steps into a puddle of salivary amylase*

Strange thing is I seldom eat Oreo, I don't particularly like biscuits with cream, and it's high in fatty acids + triglycerides.

Gawd. 4 more days and it'll be October. The last quarter of the year. OMG! And 3 months (and 4 days) later it'll be January 2009. OMG! I'll be like the senior-est of all high school students. OMG!

I'm so not old k. I'm just... young at heart.

College students entering uni already while I'm still stuck in pathetic high school.

Ok la uniform life ain't that pathetic. Except the insects and plants part.


Thank you Joanne Telur (OMG HOW LONG HAVE I NOT CALL YOU THAT?!) for wishing me nine days earlier :)
Thank you Esther Wan Isi for calling me all the way from Australia 3 minutes to 12am Melbourne time and talked over the super blurry line for 45 minutes!
Thank you Kar Yee and May and Jeen for the cupcakes. I have yet to eat them hahaha XD
Thank you Chin Peng and Jun Fai and Jit Teng and Boon for singing JJ's Bu Dong out of tune for no reason and then leading the class to sing the birthday song in 3 different languages :)
(Oh thank you Ms. Leela for not entering the class hahaha XD)
Thank you Nobita for half-yelling into my left ear and singing another round of birthday song. If the ear doesn't function in the future you know what's gonna happen, hahaha.
Thank you Mr. Er Hu Zuo Hao for singing like some pontianak behind me LOL.
Thank you YC for re-discovering my multiple personality disorder at 2348PM 25/09/2008 LOL.
And super huge thanks to everyone else who has wished me / intended to wish me but forgotten to, you guys are such darlings for making this day MY day :)

You know I mean it!

And you know I love all of you :)


May said my birthday wish list should include getting a boyfriend.

Cuz a boyfriend can act as a FOC bodyguard especially in the jungle.

Now we know why girls in the science classes look for a boyfriend.

I amuse myself at 3.14am. Ciao.


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