It's a miracle if I ain't caught dead.

>> Monday, 1 September 2008

I am risking my life to listen to grandma stories.

We attended a superbly lavish wedding dinner at KL Hilton today, and the food was, eh, so-so.

They must've spent a million on the wedding. No kidding.

Damn freaking rich la they.

My mom dug this out from a pile of old clothes. Literally. But I have no memory whatsoever of owning this shirt! O_O

To-do #1: Compose a mental list of requirements.
To-do #2: BF hunting.

SOME PEOPLE is trying to make me experience indirect sugar high. Arrrgh. I can't resist sugar.

I'm not interested in people owning that bottle of sugar k, I'm just interested in sugar.

SUGAR! *drools*

To-do #3: Be a nun.

Happy belated Merdeka. Who cares about Merdeka anyway when you have YAY HOLIDAY.

It's September!

And you know what September brings, teehee ;)

Shopping list: STAMPS. Small handbag. MP3 PLAYER. Sweater. Jerome Kugan's Songs for a Shadow.

I'm officially a panda.

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