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>> Saturday, 6 September 2008

Finale, Anastasia

Blogging mood probably scraped off by repeatedly listening to Rainie Yang's Que Yang and Yuna Ito's Endless Story.

See, Jeen and YC, how sweet of me to practice the songs for your own pleasure, hahaha.

Now YC you gotta bring me to South Africa Jeen you gotta be my Latin dance partner hahaha XD

Anyways here's the favour Khai Sim asked me to do last week but I've forgotten, sorrs! Please forgive an Alzheimer's patient T___T


Check out the official blog!


Join la.
1. GROW TALLER. You know how (most) girls like 183cm tall guys XDDD
2. GET HAWT. You know how most ALL girls like hot guys, just like how ALL guys like hot girls. (Excluding those with unusual sexual orientation.)
3. Buat baik dibalas baik. It's for charity, kachings go to El-Shaddai Children's Home (or so she says).



I WANNA GO TO TAMAN NEGARA I WANNA GO TO TAMAN NEGARA I WANNA GO TO TAMAN NEGARA I don't care if it meant getting gazillions ugly bumps humongously huge blue-blacks I don't care I WANNA GO TO TAMAN NEGARA.

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