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>> Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I was reading through my old writings, mainly the Chinese ones.

Only this expression expresses my feelings well to the point:

F*ck! I'm so damn romantic I'm bloody good!

Due to my flowing inspirations (ahem) I decided to start another blog purely on my writings.


Not all writings have been posted though, I need time to gather them all.


aka Capture

“Is it okay if you help us take a group photo?” she asked as she passed the woman her camera.


“Thanks.” She smiled and quickly stood at her intended position.

He walked by and spotted the group of girls.

The woman pressed on the capture button. Three flashes.

“Look here, look here,” he said quickly as he retrieved the camera from the woman.

She looked at his camera; the girls looked at his camera. He focused solely on her.

He snapped the photo. Of her.

He passed her camera back to her and she thanked him. As he walked away he could hear the girls teasing her about him, just because of the little flirtatious joke he played on her.

He leaned against the wall and looked through the photographs he had taken, and paused at the last one he took.


He smiled.



I wrote this in 5 minutes, I amaze myself.



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