>> Saturday, 30 August 2008

Details in the Fabric, Jason Mraz feat. James Morrison

Heck. I've been typing this freaking post for the past 3 hours for 3 times.

I don't feel like blogging about 6th Form Installation. Maybe later, maybe I won't.

Feeling a little emo, probably it's that time of the month.

Or probably due to the super glaring sun in the afternoon, the beautiful rainbow and thunder and purplish orange sky this evening, the heavenly orgasmic Domino's Tuna Temptation pizza dinner, and the Jacob's biscuit I'm munching on now.

Sorrs la, it's 3.27am and I'm hungry.


*stares at nail* Sigh.

Jolin Tsai is my nail idol.

Happy 18th, Boon. I'll attend your concert(s) and pay you a visit in the parliament in the future, hahaha.

Eat more k so you can grow taller! (Though I don't see the relation.)

OMG I realize I can blush/flush/tomatofy without sweating!

LOL, remember Joanne said I blushed XD OMG, I think I did feel heat flushing up to my face.

Heh! :P

Nah, it really is nothing, but it meant A LOT that time. Somehow.

Remember this game we used to play as kids? Heck, I still do this whenever I'm bored. I know very clearly that it's untrue but, heck, it gave lotsa hope k, in certain cases. (Note the past tense.)

I'm burnin' to ask THAT question to that guy but I don't have his contact at all! I mean, I hated him so much -.-;;

I hope he won't grow to be super cute, or else I'll just commit suicide, why hadn't I grab my so-called opportunity XD

Sis bought two of that for me today. Reminds me SO MUCH of primary school, gosh! I remember the canteen used to sell this 20sen per stick.

Argh. A decade ago I just entered primary school. A decade later here I am doing STPM. Man. The 90's that was once so near is now almost a decade ago.

I'm old.

Album of sunshine and sheer happiness :)


Recognize the hearts, CHSians? Haha, yeah.

I was inspired to camwhore, heh.

Sorry la cannot tahan the hand XD


And I was inspired to engage myself in some degrading camwhoring.

(Mmmm, it seemed funnier the first time I see this.)

Waning do you want me to dedicate this photo to you XD


Waning's lecturer said getting a boyfriend/girlfriend helps in expressing oneself.

I'm gonna hunt for one soon. I'm inspirationless these days, haven't been writing since the holidays, argh.

May Kecil and Kar Yee said they're gonna help hunt for my him HAHAHA cuz they figured they've figured out my demands and requirements and yada when I'm still composing mine XD



I shall go to school on Monday Tuesday with a masking tape on my mouth.


WHOEVER READS MY BLOG CAN YOU LIKE TAG ON MY CHATBOX I WON'T BITE LOL it's so scary to know people whom I don't expect to read my blog reading my blog.


Thank you Gray Fox for making my future seems so hopeful :D Does it take long for you to register the correct han yu pin yin of Yin Qi into your mind :P

Good night/morning.

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