>> Saturday, 30 August 2008

Details in the Fabric, Jason Mraz feat. James Morrison

Heck. I've been typing this freaking post for the past 3 hours for 3 times.

I don't feel like blogging about 6th Form Installation. Maybe later, maybe I won't.

Feeling a little emo, probably it's that time of the month.

Or probably due to the super glaring sun in the afternoon, the beautiful rainbow and thunder and purplish orange sky this evening, the heavenly orgasmic Domino's Tuna Temptation pizza dinner, and the Jacob's biscuit I'm munching on now.

Sorrs la, it's 3.27am and I'm hungry.


*stares at nail* Sigh.

Jolin Tsai is my nail idol.

Happy 18th, Boon. I'll attend your concert(s) and pay you a visit in the parliament in the future, hahaha.

Eat more k so you can grow taller! (Though I don't see the relation.)

OMG I realize I can blush/flush/tomatofy without sweating!

LOL, remember Joanne said I blushed XD OMG, I think I did feel heat flushing up to my face.

Heh! :P

Nah, it really is nothing, but it meant A LOT that time. Somehow.

Remember this game we used to play as kids? Heck, I still do this whenever I'm bored. I know very clearly that it's untrue but, heck, it gave lotsa hope k, in certain cases. (Note the past tense.)

I'm burnin' to ask THAT question to that guy but I don't have his contact at all! I mean, I hated him so much -.-;;

I hope he won't grow to be super cute, or else I'll just commit suicide, why hadn't I grab my so-called opportunity XD

Sis bought two of that for me today. Reminds me SO MUCH of primary school, gosh! I remember the canteen used to sell this 20sen per stick.

Argh. A decade ago I just entered primary school. A decade later here I am doing STPM. Man. The 90's that was once so near is now almost a decade ago.

I'm old.

Album of sunshine and sheer happiness :)


Recognize the hearts, CHSians? Haha, yeah.

I was inspired to camwhore, heh.

Sorry la cannot tahan the hand XD


And I was inspired to engage myself in some degrading camwhoring.

(Mmmm, it seemed funnier the first time I see this.)

Waning do you want me to dedicate this photo to you XD


Waning's lecturer said getting a boyfriend/girlfriend helps in expressing oneself.

I'm gonna hunt for one soon. I'm inspirationless these days, haven't been writing since the holidays, argh.

May Kecil and Kar Yee said they're gonna help hunt for my him HAHAHA cuz they figured they've figured out my demands and requirements and yada when I'm still composing mine XD



I shall go to school on Monday Tuesday with a masking tape on my mouth.


WHOEVER READS MY BLOG CAN YOU LIKE TAG ON MY CHATBOX I WON'T BITE LOL it's so scary to know people whom I don't expect to read my blog reading my blog.


Thank you Gray Fox for making my future seems so hopeful :D Does it take long for you to register the correct han yu pin yin of Yin Qi into your mind :P

Good night/morning.


Famine 30 2008

>> Sunday, 24 August 2008

Currently drinking: HOT seaweed fishball soup :)

Owhkay for some reason Waning is damn interested in the Famine 30 camp this year.

I just got home at 5.30pm today.

I am so damn efficient.

Well. I was alone in HELP University College. OMG!

And, to be honest, this year's activities are quite boring. Ah, well, we only had 2.

One of the activities, where we were provided with one Milo cardboard and supposed to design an aid worker's uniform.

I didn't watch the English movie Children of Men cuz I didn't get the movie. And the girls were like laughing at every f*cks said.


I didn't see you laughing.

I saw Evelyn/Vivien.

This is like the Nth bottle of water I got o_O from Diamond.

Yes. Excluding the times we were in a group, I was 100% alone. I went to the bathroom alone, sleep alone, wake up alone, eat breakfast alone.

And when Win Zee is alone this is what she does.

Being alone ain't that bad :D In fact I read finish Junk August issue and half of Arouse Suspicion, some stupid lame romance.

It was so damn cold. I wrapped myself up like a sushi and still I shivered like some shivering animal.

I made a mental shopping list: MP3 player, gloves, jacket, socks.

The next morning I realized I slept at the wrong end of the sleeping bag.

Like, wtf?

It was very very sunny and very very hot when we got there at 11.30AM, and then it rained. Mmmmm, great timing.

Apparently there were only 8000+ participants this year, much much less compared to last year's 10k.

Rain, rain, go away...

To-do: Update myself with Malaysian Chinese music scene.

Apparently Jo didn't get a donation card... and I smuggled her into the stadium at the last hour, literally!

Waiting patiently outside the LRT station as I sang the theme song Tomorrow and Tong Hua. Sorrs la, I can't think of any song to sing X(

Smuggle or no smuggle, nobody would've cared anyway.

She wore my 3E camp shirt hahaha! It's the EXACT lime green shade and I freaking wore it before camp started! XD

Jo and I

She said I've become fairer. UHMM LOL O_O

I freaking broke fast a minute too soon! Sorrs la, I saw other people eating , and my cellphone says it's 16:00 already.

Well, I did sorta start to fast at 9.30am on Saturday... *cough*

We got V-Soy soya bean and Koko Krunch for our breaking fast meal. I miss banana cake!

And I took the LRT with Jo back home. I didn't know the station was just exactly opposite of the stadium! Oh yeah, now I do.

To-do: Load up on loads and loads of shillings.

Aiks. Sorry. Have to signify my 2nd famine!

Think it's fun? Let's fast 30 hours from talking XD


I hope I get gastric tomorrow like last year hehehehe.



Yeah la yeah la YH I love you too (as a friend) :D


And they say singing doesn't harm your voice cord.

>> Friday, 22 August 2008

Happy birthday Chin Peng!

To Gray Fox: When a boy talks/jokes to/about you when you're taking a shower - in short, when you're naked, it gets embarrassing...

Broken Man, Boys Like Girls

Initially we wanted to scream like crazy at Scream Park or Extreme Park, but it was drizzling.

Orenji and I were happy cuz we didn't have to splurge RM48, hehehe.

Lunch at Gasoline Café was a spicy sour Italian affair.

The Hawaiian Chicken Spaghetti was spicy and sour o_O

Sorry... I get high at the sight of knife and fork.

Great atmosphere though. And the French toast was yummy!

With Orenji. I had no idea what the plates are for.

Zuo Hao who looks like the monkey on my monkey T-shirt!

Mr. Zuo Hao Speechless Gentleman blushing as he sawed the French toast for May Kecil and Kar Yee! XD


We hung around, went to the arcade, played a little, and then we decided to sing.


I hope my parents don't find out, I'll be so slaughtered! :P

We've discovered some singer wannabes.

HAHAHAHAHA. Note how intensed Nobita is.


Some so-called group photo of the boys. I have no idea what they were doing either.

(Clockwise L-R) Zuo Hao, Nobita, Kar Yee, me, May Kecil, Orenji, YH

YH! I DAMN LOVE YOUR JACKET CAN YOU GIVE IT TO ME ON MY BIRTHDAY XD And you are such a great driver hehe!
NOBITA! Thank you so so so so much for appearing out of nowhere and bring me back to our k-room XD
Kar Yee and I are JJ machi! XD I rediscovered JJ's cutesy OMG.


I watched Rain Man a few days ago, the first thing I noticed is the so 80's music.

I can't recognize Tom Cruise at all, unless he's wearing his sunglasses, haha -.-;;

Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) is annoyingly a genius.

And the movie ain't bad :)


Wooden Pencil

>> Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I was reading through my old writings, mainly the Chinese ones.

Only this expression expresses my feelings well to the point:

F*ck! I'm so damn romantic I'm bloody good!

Due to my flowing inspirations (ahem) I decided to start another blog purely on my writings.


Not all writings have been posted though, I need time to gather them all.


aka Capture

“Is it okay if you help us take a group photo?” she asked as she passed the woman her camera.


“Thanks.” She smiled and quickly stood at her intended position.

He walked by and spotted the group of girls.

The woman pressed on the capture button. Three flashes.

“Look here, look here,” he said quickly as he retrieved the camera from the woman.

She looked at his camera; the girls looked at his camera. He focused solely on her.

He snapped the photo. Of her.

He passed her camera back to her and she thanked him. As he walked away he could hear the girls teasing her about him, just because of the little flirtatious joke he played on her.

He leaned against the wall and looked through the photographs he had taken, and paused at the last one he took.


He smiled.



I wrote this in 5 minutes, I amaze myself.




Enrich, Empower, and... something

>> Monday, 18 August 2008

Currently drinking: Some soup.

To quote from Waning, Facebook has been a bitch.

It was actually very very bright and hot.

(Eh, I realized I've never taken pictures OF DJ. Hmmmm.)

I spent 3D2N at school being crazy. Pretty much craziness has reached about 80%.

I intended to get my hair sprayed blue but the boys were tired. Awwww.

I just came back from school yesterday with sores and aches all over and slept for 11 hours, and here I am blogging about this camp.

My efficiency is amazing.

The food was considered great: we had six meals a day, and they were quite delish. And bathing wasn't much of a problem; the male and female teachers' bathrooms are side by side so. Yeah. *blush*

(I seriously don't know where to start lol.)

Warning: Photo heavy!

Us girls. (L-R) Jeen who steal hearts, May Kecil, Miao Miao, me, Kar Yee, Orenji

Meet Cell. I LOVE THE SKY. Okay more like my photography skills.

Miss Super Cute Genius Ah So Jeen whose essence I so captured in here :)

Chin Peng who has the sexiest seemingly toned arms and who thinks his gaze is electrifying. *Note the playboy.

Miao Miao who is my Animal partner :D

Creation of boredom and cruelty.

For some unknown reason we were feeling sorta clammy. Funny thing is, we dislike clams.

YH. I find this photo so pretty. (Especially the one on the right.)

YH and Miao Miao, who is SO DAMN CUTE OVER HERE :)

Jeen, who looks like she's into Thai boxing, and Miao Miao.

Chian Ping, Orenji. Coincidentally the arrangement became 521 instead of 125.

Panda, my other Animal partner, who looks better in candid photos, hehehe.

Meet the Animals and the world map! I FREAKING FOUND SAMOA XD

Boot Islands. Animals' creation. WE DISCOVERED THE ELEMENT BOOTIUM LOL.

(L-R) Qi Xiong who looks extremely cute without gel/mousse/whatever on his hair, Jun Fai, Chian Ping.

WHY SO SERIOUS? (Iish the stickie.)


All PTS students in L6S kena NS! Yesssss mari kita pergi ke Sarawak bersama-sama.

Nobita and Bendahari popped up from nowhere to scare Orenji and me. We paid back by swinging my green pen in front of their eyes... and Bendahari were shocked and he just practically stunned there.


I feel so low self-esteem after going to this camp.

I'VE NEVER BEEN PURSUED BEFORE LOL, I feel so innocent and my so-called history is as blank as a piece of Double A A4 paper.

And I still didn't get blue hair!


Argh, Lee Chong Wei was less than mediocre last night.

Lin Dan is so cute XD And, I have to admit, he IS very good.




Win Zee attracts attention.

>> Thursday, 14 August 2008


The Best of You and Me, Number One Gun

Due to popular (okay more like persistent) demand from YH the Clam Wannabe I shall update today.

He gets really excited over the term simple happiness, he makes my blog seem like some sorta erotica / porno.


Ah and they say they need a dictionary when reading my blog.

This is just SO Si Hui-ish :)

It is after that I went to CHS that I sometimes wish I do not understand a word of Mandarin.

Guo Tung didn't know I understand Chinese! Even after like 7 months of spending almost every Fridays in the library!

Am I really that banana XD

Boys can have the grossest conversation ever.

Like, two days ago the boys in my transport were talking about anal sex.

And yesterday they were freaking talking about some OTHER things. Things I certainly do NOT have to know. And I freaking heard the whole conversation. Wait - more like listened.

I felt like covering my ears like an innocent little girl, or snap back at them "WTF HELLO A GIRL OVER HERE", or laugh like an insane Tanjung Apple patient due to all the embarrassment.



I could've passed all those precious information to my brother.


Still! I have been listening to JJ these few days, and rediscovered his hawtness.

I mean, like, GAWDDAMNHAWT *drools*

Bodily functions should never be discussed openly in front of the opposite sex.

Exams the past few days was disastrous I guess, I don't know I really can't judge. It seems bad but it doesn't seem that bad either.

I know my fussiness / indecisiveness is annoying :/ Bear with me la, CHS punya canteen did that to me, argh.

Still, when there are only 23 students in a class, you can't really expect to be in the top half. Or even in the top 23. Mmmm.

I was deeply inspired last week. And here is the damn embarrassing lala mushy poem XD








I damn loveylovelove the last verse!

(I'm gonna put on a paper bag with a :) over my head tomorrow.)

While it is entirely fiction I get inspired by simple things that happened.

No, nobody has held my hand, with that kinda purpose in his/her mind that is, haha.

Remember how we used to talk about love, like, all day, especially Jo XD

Genetically speaking I ain't that bad, HAHAHAHA XD

Jo used to go all envious saying I have natural eyeliner, haha. And she did say before that she wondered why no guys are pursuing me.

Seriously, that was the nicest most flattering compliment I've received, EVER! :)

(A girl's gotta have her vain moments yeah?)

And I remember (my memory sometimes scare the hell outta me) Waning once said that I seem to give guys a sense of protectiveness.

Mmmm, that is the more romantic version of reality. I practically give EVERYONE a chance to protect me. "Eh Win Zee come inside a bit. Win Zee very dangerous la faster come inside omgdness Win Zee I damn worried about you" and repeat it for at least a dozen times.

Unless I'm alone though, I take care of myself pretty well when I'm alone.

I wonder whether I lack of love at home, I have to rely on other people to give me some lurrrve, LOL.

At 6pm, adrenaline rush is max.

My name has become a devoted chant, a worship, for some.

I seriously wonder whether CHS is a conducive environment for vanity.

I gotta work on my charm so as to attract the right guy(s).

Remember Serrrrrn the kidney :P


Strangely I want people to call me by my Chinese name, no matter how vain it sounds: I attract attention.

Mmmm, weirdo.


Jumbled, this train of thoughts

>> Sunday, 10 August 2008

Elephant., Damien Rice

Happy 18th Mr. YH Clam Wannabe :)

Will be on a short hiatus.

Freaking exams, argh.

MY FAT RECEPTOR IS ACTING UP AGAIN :( I have 3 more kgs 2 more inches to lose.

Arrrrgh X(

I'm confused :/ Over things. As usual. Gah.

F*cking EDS.

Waning I already have a letter in mind for you! I'll write it soon, during the holidays perhaps :)

Yes I spent quality time for brainstorm sesh, I believe Lee Ching the Biology author is jealous.


Sudoku improves coordination.

I am your real life example.

I've killed thousands of mosquitoes.


Exam is two days away, here I am blogging away, procrastinating.

I brought the whole teapot and a cup up to my room last night, and went down once to refill the pot.

Therefore I drank two huge pots of Boh tea, alternating between Chemistry and old issues of seventeen and Shape (also known as procrastinating).

I like the false sense of detox.

Sometimes I feel like I'm at the verge of being anorexic.

No kid.

I annoy myself with my fussiness.


Jerome Kugan's Songs for a Shadow


Gary Chaw's Wake Up Song is so swing-ish/jazzy.

To-Dos During the (short) Holidays:
  • Finish off The Memory Keeper's Daughter!
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Face/Off
  • The Rain Man
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Turtles Can Fly
  • The Kite Runner
  • Atonement
  • 14 Sai no Haha
  • Pushing Daisies Season 1
  • Download The Accuracy of Death and The Dark Knight and Before Sunrise and some more other movies I can't remember their names.

What, you didn't know I'm a movie (and drama) junkie?

Something I intended to tell Gray Fox in one of the letters, hahaha.

I think HELP college punya people are Win Zee-phobic.

I tried calling them for two days and nobody picked up the phone.


Waning and Iyin: HE is no longer the Talk of the Day of L6S girls so just forget it la haha. Anyways, he has sexy back. Shhhh.

Despite all the seemingly-insane photos taken secara curi-curi at school, I still lack of that perfect dose of insanity :(


Super monster

>> Saturday, 2 August 2008

I slept at like what, 10? last night, and propped my pillowS high up my neck hurts a little.

I was anticipating for a miracle.


I think that's why Mr. Gray Fox is afraid of me, hahaha XD

I think I need placenta.

I have a super pear shaped body :(

I was getting very impatient on PA graph.


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