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One Last Kiss, Madina Lake

First and foremost,


The reason for my missing RM60.30


aka Umbrella

She walks up to me when the crowd is starting to dissipate and asks of my transport back home. When I tell her that I will be going back home right after the activity by train, the usual small smile on her face instantly turns into a grin, showing her imperfect teeth, and she asks whether she can go back with me.

She makes me seem like a really nice, innocent guy (No, he isn't. He tries to kidnap her) who does not reject people.

I tell her that it is fine by me, and she thanks me sweetly, like how she usually does.

I wonder what we might talk about on the way back home. We do not hang out or even talk in class, I am the quiet, unfunny one while she... I do not know how to categorize her, or any of the girls. She does not seem quiet, even though she does not make much noise in class either. (In the end he categorizes her as a "real woman".)

She waits for me outside the classroom and walks along with me. I asks her about her usual mode of transport, and she says even though she is able to take the bus alone or have her mother pick her up, she wants to try the train and prefers it, too; the problem is the way to the station, and she says she needs a partner to walk with and she is glad that we stay nearby.

She takes out her folded umbrella from her elephant bag - I think she bought it from Thailand, maybe I will ask her - and open it. She asks whether I am willing to hold the umbrella for the both of us, since I am much much taller than her, and I agree. I am wondering whether she is taking advantage on me.

She asks whether I usually go home like this, and when I say yes she nods in amusement. She asks the direction to the nearest shopping mall, and I point it to her and tell her the direction. She laughs and says she has no idea what I was talking about. Just when I was about to think I am bad at giving direction, she adds that she has absolutely no sense of direction.

It is in the middle of the afternoon so there are not many passengers. We sit and enjoy the cool air from the air-conditioner. The sunlight outside is glaring. She asks about the school, the teachers, the students, everything a new student will ask, and I just answer according to what she asks. For a quiet, demure girl like her, she is talkative.

So I grab this opportunity and ask her the reason for her untalkativeness in class, and she covers her mouth with her hand naturally and apologizes three times, asking whether she annoys me. I immediately deny that fact, but maybe a little too quick, even though I do not mean it that way, because I sense that she withdraws a little. I regret for my speech that did not go through my brain and mentally hit my head.

She says it is hard to look for crazy people. I blink my eyes out of amusement. Crazy does not seem like a word to describe her.

She casually drops the subject and asks me the reason I had decided to come to this school, and she tells me hers. I tell her that she does not sound like a native when speaking Mandarin, and she, surprisingly, agrees with me. I ask her whether she likes to read, and whether she plays any instrument, and she is surprised, the look on her face bright, amused and curious. I say it is the aura she releases. She does not seem to believe me, but she still seems happy. She is probably happy 24/7 anyway.

We reach our station. She asks which direction I am going, and we walk for a distance before we part ways. She thanks me and gives me a vibrant smile, much radiant than the sun, and walk towards her house. The sun that shines on my head, suddenly I am unable to get used to. I miss her umbrella.

I think I forget to ask her where she bought her bag.


Part deja vu, part imagination.

That's why I'm still here at PJ :)

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Hey, thanks for the compliment and for dropping by my blog. (:

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