Form 6 orientation

>> Monday, 28 July 2008

Pada hari Sabtu yang lalu, saya telah pergi ke sekolah untuk tidur.

I had a handful of salt in my mouth. Or more.

Had lipstick on my face...

Challenged my super short memory span.

Group 3. Clockwise L-R: Kah Eng, me, Yeng Ying, Ding Sheng, Qi Xiong, Mok Chia Lit Molly, Kwan Seng, Yuk Hoong.

Before that, while waiting,

Boys will forever be boys. Kwan Seng, Yuk Hoong.

And we were so damn exhausted.

Mr. Further Maths Yap Jun Fai who likes his picture being taken.

Ex-prez Jonathan Yee and his sexy back ;)

I CLIMBED A TREE (and look like a siao po)! :)
Clockwise L-R: Kah Eng, Yuk Hoong, me, Ding Sheng, Yeng Ying, Molly, Qi Xiong with our prizes... we were (bottom) third!

I reached home at 6pm, gosh, slept for an hour, not focusing on Periodic Table and instead I was inspired to write a Chinese story until 1am... which I can't post it in here, characters too obvious plot too ambiguous.


LRT partner Nobita who also serves as my FOC bodyguard, teehee.

I did not take a picture with Mr. Angel Gray Fox because he left early to watch Red Cliff with his form 5 friends and Miss Super Cute Genius Ah So Siu Jeen who left early for no reason :(


Run, Nerds, Run! XD

p/s An addition to the National Science Centre trip:



"Ice-breaking ice-breaking!"

>> Friday, 25 July 2008

We had our first class trip, and guess where we headed to?

The low maintenance National Science Centre, hahaha.

We were supposed to first listen to an Animal Science talk then proceed to wander around the building.

Instead, we ended up just hearing, talking, laughing... and me being teased at.

The worst thing of being talked about is not being talked about, Oscar Wilde said so.

So I ain't complaining.


Besides he ain't that bad, HAHAHA.

First and foremost,

Meet Mr. Tongue

(L-R) Jun Fai from SMKTS; Ding Sheng, who is 364 days older than me lol; Yuk Hoong from Sri Utama to La Salle; Qi Xiong, our beloved teddy bear Nobita KT who is extremely soft-spoken; Kiang Boon, one of the quality guys (ahem) with his distinctive blue-framed glasses and political thinking.
And Bio class girls.

Tze Siang, our beloved PKT, whose name when I speak of makes me think of Fox :P With Chian Ping, Victor and Kong Sime at the background.

(L-R) Kwan Seng, who never fails to remind me of Fox, again; Yuk Hoong; Kar Jun, whom I have nothing to add, haha.

Girls, with passer-bys Yuk Hoong, U-Phun the Bendahari, and Qi Xiong.

L6S, 3 MIA

Oh yeah, HE's somewhere in there, LAWLS.


I met one of my Angels today! His nickname is Gray Fox (you can pretty much imagine my reaction when I saw his nickname, hehehe) and he's a Physics class guy and he speaks English to me :) And I like him cuz he gives me Peanut Butter cookies, hahaha.

Oh, he owes me my A Thousand Splendid Suns, he is a freaking fast reader.

Waning, his handwriting reminds me of yours, if you still write like how you did.


School band rehearsal today was alright, I found it quite messy, their movements. And the second song sorta boring, tidak bersemangat, third song was a burst of chromatism, contemporary, a beautiful finale.

I'm so gonna watch the competition at Stadium Merdeka, 30th July, Wednesday, 8-11pm!

And guess what's the dress code?

Red, white, black.

Go Dynamitez?


Jo, Jo, Jo, dear Jo :)

Hi, how have you been lately? I am fine, thank you very much! (I'll just assume you asked.)

You do not seem as enthusiastic about your college, or was it because we did not have the chance to talk?

Ah, well.

Oh, yeah, school's been fun. (Again, I assume you asked.) Friends, well, I'm not sure whether I have any yet - I seem to get fussier day by day - but yes, I have been laughing and smiling.

I still compare.

And sometimes, I just think of what had happened for the last two years.

Time flies, ain't it? It flies so fast that we were unable to catch up with it. We might not be soaked in memories, but we are still dripping in them.

Yes. I still miss the good ole' times we (used to) have.

There are many, many special, ordinary things that have happened to me, and some are related to your - our - favourite subject.

Ah, boys!

Eh, no, I ain't showing off, I'm just self-indulgent, haha.

Of course, I do not tell you about them, mainly because I do not remember them at the time of our conversations. (No, my dear Jo; I do not have a crush, nor are they cute, exterior-wise.)

For so many times, I wish to bring you and Waning along to my school. We'll sit at the third row, not paying attention to the teachers as we chat, laugh, sing, joke the day away, and then take the LRT to KLCC and be crazy.

Oh, how I miss our insanity, our naïveté, us.

I no longer feel depressed. I am happy, I think. I hope you are, too, and that you do not miss us the way I do.

Happy belated eighteenth.




>> Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saya sekarang sedang curi-curi online.

Corruption and politics and kachings and psychology and adolescence whatever are killing me!

And they are due like, Monday?

I haven't even study since Friday :( (Meet suddenly-very-rajin-for-no-reason Win Zee.)

I just ate a bloody HUGE bloody red Royal Gala apple.

Oh yeah. Bloody.

I'm now as stuffed as a yong tau foo.



Sweet Talk 101

Nothing Lasts Forever, Maroon 5


aka Moon

I took the rose from the vase and gave it to her.

"For me?"

I nodded. I led her to the mirror. "What do you see?" I gently placed my hands on her shoulders, looking at her reflection looking back at me.

She smiled. "You, me, and the rose."

"No." I bent down and whispered into her ear, "Two of the most beautiful things in the world."

She smiled again and turned away shyly.

I ran up to her and led her away from the crowd to the garden.

"You should know that I am not single."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I am engaged."

"Let us ignore that." I smiled, and held her as we waltzed along with the music.

"Do you not want to know my name?" she asked.

"Neither. What about mine?"

"I am unsure."

"Leave it that way, then."

"Have we met elsewhere."


I placed her hands on my shoulders as I placed mine on her waist and held her closer. She looked up and stared straight into my eyes, a questioning gaze.

"Who are you?"

"Your guardian angel."

"Who am I?"

I leaned forward to her mouth. "You are my Moon, my Sun," I murmured. I kissed her awaiting lips. "The centre of my Universe."

I admired at how her ace glowed under the moonlight. "My dear." She smiled and placed her hand on my cheek. She tip-toed and kissed me softly.

She rested her head on my shoulder. I placed my hand on the small of her back and swayed gently. "Let us elope, to a faraway escapade."

"I am sorry," she replied after a pause.

I closed my eyes and combed her hair with my fingers. She hummed a foreign song. "My mother used to sing me this song."

"I wish she could see the both of us."

She looked up at the dark, starless sky. "She is."

"I wish she could grant the both of us."

"She would." She let her hands drop to her side.

I placed my hand on her cheek. "Then let us."

She covered my hand with both of hers. "I hope I could."

"Nobody will know."

"He will."

"We will be happy."

"I do not know."

She stepped back and looked down at her feet.

"You know you are the reason of my Existence, my Living, my Death," I said.

"And without you, I am a living body with a dead soul."

I looked at her, and she looked back at me. Her eyes grew moist, with her sincere love and apology.

"Will you remember this night, like I will?" she asked.

"I forever will."

"Do not forget me."

"Do not forget us."

Our hands met, and I kissed the back of her hand.

We parted for the rest of our lives without saying goodbye. I glanced up at the moon and remembered the way the moon glowed like how she mesmerised me.

Apparently I wrote this on Yen Pin's birthday... so I guess it's a birthday gift? :)


Names obscured for personal reasons, lol. Guess which is was mine, hehehe :P
The measurements will be SO passé :)



>> Wednesday, 16 July 2008

One Last Kiss, Madina Lake

First and foremost,


The reason for my missing RM60.30


aka Umbrella

She walks up to me when the crowd is starting to dissipate and asks of my transport back home. When I tell her that I will be going back home right after the activity by train, the usual small smile on her face instantly turns into a grin, showing her imperfect teeth, and she asks whether she can go back with me.

She makes me seem like a really nice, innocent guy (No, he isn't. He tries to kidnap her) who does not reject people.

I tell her that it is fine by me, and she thanks me sweetly, like how she usually does.

I wonder what we might talk about on the way back home. We do not hang out or even talk in class, I am the quiet, unfunny one while she... I do not know how to categorize her, or any of the girls. She does not seem quiet, even though she does not make much noise in class either. (In the end he categorizes her as a "real woman".)

She waits for me outside the classroom and walks along with me. I asks her about her usual mode of transport, and she says even though she is able to take the bus alone or have her mother pick her up, she wants to try the train and prefers it, too; the problem is the way to the station, and she says she needs a partner to walk with and she is glad that we stay nearby.

She takes out her folded umbrella from her elephant bag - I think she bought it from Thailand, maybe I will ask her - and open it. She asks whether I am willing to hold the umbrella for the both of us, since I am much much taller than her, and I agree. I am wondering whether she is taking advantage on me.

She asks whether I usually go home like this, and when I say yes she nods in amusement. She asks the direction to the nearest shopping mall, and I point it to her and tell her the direction. She laughs and says she has no idea what I was talking about. Just when I was about to think I am bad at giving direction, she adds that she has absolutely no sense of direction.

It is in the middle of the afternoon so there are not many passengers. We sit and enjoy the cool air from the air-conditioner. The sunlight outside is glaring. She asks about the school, the teachers, the students, everything a new student will ask, and I just answer according to what she asks. For a quiet, demure girl like her, she is talkative.

So I grab this opportunity and ask her the reason for her untalkativeness in class, and she covers her mouth with her hand naturally and apologizes three times, asking whether she annoys me. I immediately deny that fact, but maybe a little too quick, even though I do not mean it that way, because I sense that she withdraws a little. I regret for my speech that did not go through my brain and mentally hit my head.

She says it is hard to look for crazy people. I blink my eyes out of amusement. Crazy does not seem like a word to describe her.

She casually drops the subject and asks me the reason I had decided to come to this school, and she tells me hers. I tell her that she does not sound like a native when speaking Mandarin, and she, surprisingly, agrees with me. I ask her whether she likes to read, and whether she plays any instrument, and she is surprised, the look on her face bright, amused and curious. I say it is the aura she releases. She does not seem to believe me, but she still seems happy. She is probably happy 24/7 anyway.

We reach our station. She asks which direction I am going, and we walk for a distance before we part ways. She thanks me and gives me a vibrant smile, much radiant than the sun, and walk towards her house. The sun that shines on my head, suddenly I am unable to get used to. I miss her umbrella.

I think I forget to ask her where she bought her bag.


Part deja vu, part imagination.

That's why I'm still here at PJ :)


Bliss. And goosebumps.

>> Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Time to Say Goodbye, Sarah Brightman feat. Andrea Bocelli

This gives me goosebumps. And the man is blind so he ain't staring at Sarah Brightman's anywhere.

Should I should I should I :(

Mom & Colleagues, Co. are trying to persuade me to take up the offer.

The thought of being literally no-one to depend on (except my uncle) is so attractive.

But teaching seems is unexciting.

Sometimes we get some stinkin'-to-the-core teachers and we feel like stabbing them with a cake knife.

Those are the times I want to be a better teacher than them.

I often have that kind of feeling though, like whenever I see a bad driver, or a rude condemned-to-hell customer, or a foul-mouthed student, or a smoking suicidal adult, or a lousy tour guide, or a- well just practically anyone.

Oh, even our beloved Education Minister.

I only have a very vague idea of the lifestyle I crave for.

First and foremost, I WANNA BE SLIM AND SEXY.


Second, I wanna work like a crazy woman, and though I'll feel exhausted at the end of the day, I'll feel happy.
Third, I WANNA BE RICH and possess a cardiologist boyfriend LOL.
Fourth, and of course the most important,

I wanna be happy with whatever I do.

Oh yeah, one more thing,

I want to create an impact on children's lives

Not paedophile k.

Kids kids kids! So cute and annoying!

But I've never given a thought about teaching, I don't know why, probably cuz my mom have always told us that she didn't want us to end up as teachers.

Sigh sigh sigh. It's like the yellow woods and two diverging roads, with no rewind button.

I hope I can take a peekaboo at the future so that I'll at least have an idea on... something.

Oh how how how I wish life is like my 9-year-old, where I decide my future pathway without further hesitation.

If only it's that easy, when it didn't occur to you that the decisions you make is affecting lives.

99% chances I'm gonna suffer for 1 1/2 years though, for the 0.1% chance of getting to somewhere else.

Now that I've browsed around on scholarships for STPM students, I feel like rotting at home. Stupid world.

Ok now I'm off studying DNA... literally cracking my head... for the third time today... ouch.

I wonder, if Kids Next Door were to rule the world, how would it become?

I decided to be ignorant and just focus on racist scientists and rats. Ah, faux bliss.


Sucrose + Sodium chloride

>> Friday, 4 July 2008

*waves* Hi CHSians!

And it's Supposed to be Love, Ayo



I'll be like the what b*tch of the century or something.

I hope they didn't read the previous posts, teehee.

Now I cannot write secrets.


Ok seriously, I'll have to be more careful while writing you know I mean OMG HAHA I don't know why I have to be careful I mean it doesn't matter.

Btw, happy 18th Shu Zhen :)

It's July. Have you done anything?
I have 3 more inches to lose, hahaha.

Today we had our practice of acid-base titration. What was ludicrous was that SM and I mixed up alkali and acid. So we ended up doing the whole thing again...

Damn genius la us.

We got our pipette filler. It substitutes our mouth.

Yes. I did CPR/gave my first kiss with/to the freaking pipette.

I'm so not gonna be a pharmacist maaannn.

I mean, making out with a pipette instead of a cute doctor.

Schwann Cell said I sing very nice.

Teeheehee, thank you la :)

Nah, I don't sing that loud. No-one as crazy as me to embarrass/show off together-gether la, maturity, sigh.


I was part-humming part-singing to myself because I was bored with Maths and Biology.

Stupid protein.

And then he was like asking Chin Peng, "Eh did you hear her sing?"
"No." (Ignorant. LOL. JK.)
"Very nice weih."

So sweet la :)


I often mix up my and SM's calculator. Ok actually I mix up my and everyone else's calculators. So I had to resort to childish ways to identify it.

Calculator doesn't have a name la. But I depend on it more than ever, even for factorisation.

Lazy laaa.

Anyways I start to think that everyone is trying to dig up something from me, I mean probably among the new students.



"I heard what you said just now. You wanna be a librarian, is it? Ah, I know you were a librarian in your last school. See, I know everything about you."

He doesn't even let me ask questions lol.

Ok well I decided not to be one anyway, hahaha. Their job looks tedious. Some more no special uniform, just a green tie.

I think Chinese school tends to not to waste money on "unnecessary stuff".


I start to wonder what the scientists were doing.
Eh wait, I think that sentence should be "I start to wonder what Win Zee's brain is doing most of the time."

Uhmm what I wanted to say.

Today we went to the library. Ooh my first trip!

It was huge, oh yeah, really huge. No sarcasm intended. But fiction so little la.

Literally a Pusat Sumber.

And then us girls who sat at the same table started to talk about who is the cutest guy in class.

(No we didn't participate, just listening. And laughing. And discussing. Blahs, lol.)

They said it was this guy, and then we were like uhhhhh. Cuz I mean there aren't any in our class. Or in form 6, for that matter.


Relatively, well, yeah, he is the cutest. Relatively.

Pathetic word. I know. What to do. *shrugs*

The official barang larangan none of us care to not to bring.

I think guys in CHS are really friendly lor.

Though I think the not-so-friendly-ones have gone to college, the more banana ones. It is possible, cuz quite a percentage of the lower forms speak in English, some even speak Mandarin like a banana OMG.

So right we were doing this, uhmm, research for the HELP Psychology Challenge at the library today.

I think Psychology is a cruel course.

Poor, poor monkeys.

So I printed out the requirements for the essay writing on a piece of rough paper, more exactly behind the draft of my pretty pretty programme note.

So ZH took the paper from me. Oh wait he didn't return to me... hahaha.

And then he came to us.

The guys sat quite far. I have a feeling they're shy, LAWLS. Who knows what they were talking about, probably who is the cutest/sexies/prettiest girl in class, hahahaha. Mmmm, wait I think they do not consider girls as... girls. More like competitors. Hahaha.

Ok sorrs.

The 2nd official barang larangan none of us care to not to bring.
Yes, I bring it to school, sometimes, hehehe.

So right ZH approached me and asked 你考到第几了 and then I was like huh cuz I don't understand what he meant cuz that was precisely how he asked. And apparently he was asking about my piano grade.

Aiyo paiseh la, I don't play very well, nor do I sing very well :)

So sweet la! :)

Man, I could've fall in love with all the sweet guys in my class.

I have a weakness for sucrose. Yes, even sucrose.

God knows what I'll do when I'm facing fructose... probably kneel on the floor and hang on to his feet, hahahaha.

I went to the counselling room and asked about the PRS club, in English. I, eh, actually forgot that they can speak Mandarin. It was only after the afternoon sessions looked at each other that I realize they are probably more fluent in Mandarin than in English, hahahaha.

Sorrs sorrs, it's the DJ culture.

This is what you get when you put Win Zee in an enclosed vessel with a lousy digital camera, a hot sun, a boring Chemistry/Biology/Maths book, and, uh, random things.

QX is like also, uhmm, tak tau macam mana nak cakap.

I have a feeling my sister can hang out with him.

I'm not talking about his mentality age k! It's just his personality I think, LAWLS.

We call monitor KT and assistant monitor PKT.

Oh last night I received this SMS from my ex-colleague. He's really weird wan la so nothing much.


I was folding my letter to one of my Angel (will explain in the future, if things get interesting... though probably it won't) blankly. I just blanked out... like usual. Lawls.

And then when I read that message I was laughing silently and WTF-ing.

(Oooh, if Schwann Cell knows I swear...)

I mean, it's SO out of the world.


To-do: Reorganize my tags.


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