Shi zhen de ji LONG de lorh, zhe ge post!

>> Monday, 2 June 2008

When everyone is emo-ing I too feel like writing an emo post.

However I'm not feeling emo!

Beep. Bop.

I f*cking hate the piano. I think I can save money for rebonding because I'll be so super stressed I pull my hair.


No kid!

The Season of Dandelions draft have been lying in my Gmail since months ago. I was actually writing a story, and I couldn't continue.

And then I ended up writing a poem about dandelions. No, I'm not poetic.

I think I wrote the story halfway in my computer somewhere...

I have a list of pretty titles and I'm inspirationless. I'm a failing writer lol.

I think Dancing in the Fountain and The Delicious Story sounds romantic.

I think I have communication problems. I have plenty of tons of ideas bobbling in my mind, and I'm trying to announce them, but I just can't find the right words, or colours, or whatever, to actually do it appropriately.

Except for one. Yeah, cliché, corny, whatever. I was (and still am) childish and idealistic k! I have the rights!

I've never written anything in Mandarin since June 16th 2007! Oh gosh look at how banana-fied I've become.

I think I'll write something in Mandarin on June 16th 2008.

I remember I was sorta addicted to love. Sorta wanna have a relationship. (AHEM!) Sorta wanna have a crush. Sorta wanna have a heartbreak. Blablabla.

Yeah, I was shallow, whatever.

I think I'm blasé. Because I don't look forward to love that way, at least THAT kind of love. Now I'm dreaming of a very ordinary kind of loving that is just extraordinary :)

Like how we (yes, WE includes Bob#) can stroll in pasar malam buying T-shirts while holding hands. So sweet! Yes? :D

I'm not high maintenance la.

I am hungry right now cuz I ate very little during dinner. Actually I've eaten very little today.

And since it's night time already I don't know what to eat but I know I HAVE to eat or else I'll risk waking up in the middle of the night with my tummy grumbling like Grumpy.

Now you can officially sign up for 30-Hour Famine 2008! My printer's not working, bloody printer. (Hmm, why the sudden thought of using "bloody". I don't think I've ever used that word but whatever.) Come, mari kita starve together-gether. I love donation drive, I don't know why :)


I realize I am more sociable / outgoing / extrovert when I'm in a totally new place i.e. I know no-one and no-one knows me. I'll feel more comfortable in getting to know people without having the feeling that someone is staring at me.


But, yeah, when someone I know steps in, I'll just feel shy.

Ask my pea inside the skull, not me. The pea answers for me.

Watching Royal Tramp at 8TV :D OMG THE KIDS ARE JUST SO CUTE LAR. China kids with Beijing accent GOSH to me Beijing accent is just as pretty as British accent :D And the kids are just exceptionally cute! :)

Oh, yeah, I have a soft spot for kids. I think I can be a good TESL teacher.

HAHA wth kkz :P


I've folded a paper plane while walking. And it flies quite a distance! Not bad eh?

Oh yeah, I'm good at origami too. Kids will love me.

I do not anticipate a passionate, physical (mmm, I think the word 'sexual' would be sexier), Mills & Boon's-quality kind of romance. Never did. Don't know why. *shrugs*


Anyways I think shy guys are just totally... scary?

Cuz right I saw Hua Siang at the interview. Shocking! And so I intended to say 'hi', chit chat a little, maybe get some tips something. But he looks... something, that prevents me from doing so.


Mom says he's shy. And I was like, HUH, SHY. I mean he talks quite a lot in the interview but not monopolizing, and he leaves great impression - at least in the interview. STRANGE RIGHT.

I'm LOLing now.

Cuz I can imagine this conversation taking place, probably in the near future:

"Horrrr, Win Zee." Wink wink nudge nudge.
Wink wink nudge nudge.
"Weih, stop la, what 'hor Win Zee', I hate cliffhangers. And no touchy."
"He likes you horrr!"
Laugh. Roll eyes. "Right."
"How did you seduce him? Hor, I know, with the..."
LOLing non-stop. "STUPID."
HAHA. I remember the days in primary school where we all go "XX loves YY" XD

Owh yeah I feel like talking. I may be someone who prefers to listen but I still talk a lot.

I'm a jumble of contradictions.

I like the way I write this post.

Shi zhen de ji cool de lorh!

I LOVE THE AH GUA FANG JOJO! Shi zhen de ji charming de lorh!

I think, I think Beta Men are charming. Beta men includes gays. Therefore Win Zee love gays.


Owhkay I'm starting to curse (in print) no I won't swear in reality do not be too excited and I don't wanna bother about it now la, restrict my thoughts.

Blogs are supposed to be a site where you can vent and be extremely opinionated until kena sue under Sedition Act and kept in jail and starve so as to not eat the arsenic-poisoned jail food and gather RM5000 for my bail.

Eh, not bad weih, this diet. I think I'll call it Anorexia ala Malaysia.


# Again, I have to clarify that BOB DOESN'T EXIST! Heck, I don't even like the name. Also I'll probably break up with him since he steal cookies.

He's a baddie. He needs to go to jail for what he has done wrong! (Now I sound like Fred haha.) No, Lingam should not be the lawyer.

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