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>> Friday, 20 June 2008

Amazing how kiasu CHSians (that's what they call themselves; I have yet to acknowledge myself as one) are. Oh and smart, no doubt.

Smart part, I don't have to elaborate. I mean, it's a five-principle class. What can you expect except straight As students.

Like, from here,

my class hav added up to 23 students jo...from 15
no idea whether is good or bad...
nid to beat 13 people to climb to top 10 instead of juz 5 before this....lolll

-.-;; Oh wow yeah smart whatever.

And their blogs are like type in perfect English wan lor like, essay-ish.

Mmm, typical CHS students.

Lalala they don't know I blog lalala XD I don't think they should ever know the existence of it. I mean, I'm supposed to be quiet, innocent, sweet (?), bananafied girl who drops Physics, not sarcastic cynical b*tchy bananafied show-off girl.

The character I show to the public never fails to amuse me.

I think I can be an actress.

Actually I still don't recognize all the boys in class. We have like what 8 girls and we even divide among ourselves.

I think the other girls (except for one) are just being cold to us :/ Don't know why.

Oh and regarding the love letter I was wrong SORRS! It's actually a game the juniors play with the seniors where they write letters to each other.

I was SO happy when I found out that they bring liquid paper to school! Ok well at least I feel normal. Hahaha.

And they are super political. One girl in my van (SO pretty and speak in banana Taiwanese Mandarin OMG damn envy :P) thinks Mahathir is a good leader.

*CENSORED* (Akta Hasutan material)

I've dropped Physics. Well actually to be accurate I handed in the letter. Like, finally!

Well I just left it on PK HEM's table cuz she wasn't there. I felt a little rude la but well :/


I don't understand how square root three is lonely. I still find it beautiful. Does this mean that loneliness is beautiful lol. Square root three is an irrational number because it cannot be represented in the form of fraction hence the phrase "Such is my reality, a sad irrationality".

See, I teach you first chapter of Maths T. No need to pay some more!

The book rings I bought today don't open! I know how to open one, mind you.

I have a VERY good reason of not being a pharmacist: I damn suck in Chemistry.


I've been studying almost all day everyday. I think Friday and Saturday should be my off days. It's called TGIF for a reason. And uh TGIS.

I bought a ream of 60gsm 480's foolscap paper. Initially I was unhappy because that was the only ream of foolscap paper and it was SO thin. But I saw that it was a little greyish I thought maybe it's recycled paper but smooth one I'm happy :)

I am so fussy, CHS's canteen has nothing for me -.-;;

I like my Chemistry teacher. She tells us stories. And she's something like Pn. Lim but less sarcastic and funny, sigh!

My other teachers ah, so-so lor. Eeyer L6F (possibility of picking a girl in L6F: 0/10) got air-cond room but lousy tables lol.

I miss Pn. Lim ML and Pn. Tan CK and Mr. Perut Buncit Lau.


I reread the things I wrote in Chinese just a few days ago, I found it really good.


I express emoness better in Chinese, but I am more sarcastic in English.

Sometimes I think my brain is sorta like haywired or something.

I'm afraid my brother will turn into a big pillow of evil gangster :( He's so rude to us these days, no table manners, no proper manners, so damn lazy, eat like a pig, sleep like a pig, play Maple Story like a pig.

He's like what a disgusting geek?

Owhkay I know that's not the way to speak of a brother.

Anyways what do you expect. I lawyer material weih.

"Teacher, what's... inVAGINAtions?"

Yes the word exists. I've forgotten what it means. No it has nothing to do with kittens.

OMGDNESS am I like what HORNY?!


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